Good shoes take you places, hiking up a mountain, walking along a sandy white beach to enjoying a city walk. Are you planning to go on a vacation? Then going shopping and choosing the right pair of shoes should be on your to-do list before taking that well deserved holiday. Carefully chosen shoes will make a world of difference on your vacation. Your feet are as unique as your personality so just any pair of shoes won’t do.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right shoes while travelling

Start by picking and an ideal shoe store
There are lots of shops and boutiques that sell all types of shoes across Kenya. There are online and offline stores where one can get good shoes to fit your budget and your travel needs. Of paramount importance, ensure that the store is authentic especially when shopping online. One such store is the Tique a Bou a Kenyan online fashion retailer that focuses on unique customer service experience, always ensuring customers receive exactly what’s advertised while returns and exchanges are accepted with immediate refunds. All one has to do is pick out their ideal shoes online, place their order and then wait for their delivery at their doorstep the following day. The store delivers across Kenya, thus offering convenience.

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Boots: Choose ideal hiking boots. Waterproof boots are ideal for cold environments or areas where you may encounter rain. Once bought, it is advisable to wear your boots before your trip to ensure they are comfortable.

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Running Shoes: Running shoes are ideal for your walking tours, hiking adventures pick a pair that’s easy to maintain. Ensure they can handle all kinds of weather and pick a neutral colour.

Flats: I always pack the foldable flats since they take so little packing space. Flats are ideal for going out. Pick a neutral colour to go with just about every outfit and for a different occasion. You can also pick for a moccasin.

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Sandals: Useful for that beach walk. A basic sandal with a rubber sole will be ideal for all your vacation since they can withstand all conditions from the beach to water activities and can also be used for walking tours too.

Walking Shoes: Your feet will swell as you walk. So pick a walking shoe that is about a size bigger, one size higher would be ideal. Consider the type of walking you will be doing. Boots are ideal for poorly maintained trails as well as hikes. However, for walks on paved and well-maintained areas running shoes would be ideal. Ensure your shoes fit well, with room for toes otherwise any small amount of rubbing will produce blisters.

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For the wide and narrow feet, ensure you have the right size, avoid settling for a standard width shoe. You will regret it. Remember the success of your vacation depends on having a comfortable pair of shoes. Create time to shop and find the best shoe that you can afford, it will be worth your time and money.

About Tique a Bou Clothing 

Tique a Bou opened its online platform in 2014, and after a brief hiatus in 2015/16 due to the passing of one of the directors fathers in Kenya, has re-launched and opened its doors to Kenyan consumers once again to help the nation ‘Look good, feel good, for less”

Over the years, Tique a Bou gained a reputation for high-quality products, impeccable customer service and snappy delivery times, all at very affordable prices. Tique a Bou is an honest, customer-orientated brand and we need your help to convey our message. Check them out for some shopping experience! here


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