Lake Elementatita

Magical memories are created, that’s the sole reason we embarked on a one hour thirty minutes’ drive from Nairobi to arrive at the Sirville Lake Elementaita Lodge located along the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway. Our arrival marks the beginning of our magical stay in this part of Kenya’s Rift valley.  The quiet tranquillity at the lodge is ideal for weekend getaways. The lake is a bird’s haven ideal for birding.

Sirville Lodge Lake Elementaita
The Lodge is a  birds haven. Photo Credit

We take a nature walk along the beautiful shallow lakes in the magical rift valley unearthing local history.  The lake derives her name from the Maasai word mtaita, meaning a place of darkness. The lake is surrounded by more than 400 species of birds with the flamingos and the pelicans being the main species.

Lake Elementaita
Photography along the lakeshore

The Lake is a Unesco World Heritage site after it was listed as a wetland of importance in 2011.

Lake Elementaita
Flamingoes are a beauty to watch while at the facility!  


Things to do while at Sirville Elementaita Lodge

While at this magnificent location, one can enjoy an array of activities that include and not limited to:-

Quad biking

Lake Elementaita
Quad Biking along the Lake Shores

Host Bonfire Events along the Lake Shore

Campfire events at Lake Elementatita

Ideal for Family Events as well as team-building activities for groups and corporate organisations.

Lake Elementaita
We enjoyed a Zumba Dance fitness team building activity

Sirville Elementaita Lodge is quite ideal for team building as well as family events.

Lake Elementaita
The swimming pool facing the lake is an ideal hang out location!

Kenyatalii’s Verdict: The next time you are looking for an ideal getaway not so far from the city, then Sirville Lake Elementaita Lodge is your ideal location.

Once upon a dream is a story of a young man that lived and was brought up in Nyeri Country.  He always dreamt and wished he could open up his hometown to the world.  This is the welcome story that ushers us to the Tafaria Castle.  Just about everything right from the entrance has a story behind it. An aura of an African taste mixed with a Roman Empire theme makes the castle quite a fascinating place to tour.

The Tafaria Castle and country lodge as we got to learn from our guide,  is named after the owner Mr. George Tafaria Waititu.  It’s an interesting story and yet motivational at the same time on how he intended to open up his rural home and village to the world and the experiences of rural Kenya. The castle is not only denoted on how it’s built but also on its various artifacts placed in different locations within the Castle, each with a different story behind it. It feels like going back into Medieval times.   As for me, this is one of the many reasons why I will be returning to this castle.


The Theme and accommodation

The castle’s theme is one of the Roman Empire, it has Lords Room, ideal for honeymooners and those looking for that extra luxury.  The Lord’s rooms are more like a presidential suite.  It’s the most expensive and the most luxurious room in the facility.  Once the Lord’s rooms are booked, guest occupying the room is addressed as His or Her Majesty for the period booked.  A flag is hoisted at the top of the castle to denote that the king and the Queen of the castle are in-house.  Next to theLord’s rooms is the Lords Army, Knights, A Dudgeon located in the basement that doubles up as the entertainment area for movies and music.



Apart from enjoying the castle, there are quite some activities that one can undertake.  There is a children’s play area, that overlooks the swimming pool.  The pool is heated during cold weather, an open area behind the castle where groups or families can undertake some team building.  The icing on the cake is a chariot ride or horse riding depending on one’s choice.


Archery, horse riding and Chariot Ride;  This activities are  available within the ground at a minimal cost of between Kshs. 200 and  500.  For bird lovers, then Tafaria is your ideal location as it is home to plenty of birds making your stay heavenly. There is also golfing for those that desire a game of golf.

A Castle with an The Artistic Touch

One cannot leave the Tafaria Castle without noticing the amount of art that is displayed on this magnificent ground.  The art work is a clear indication on the pride that the management and staff of Tafaria hold on African and local stories among the community.

The 15IN CUP (Fifitini in local Kikuyu dialect)

Growing up in rural Kenya has it stories as regards this cup.  It’s used as a measuring cup for milk among other used.  A replica of the cup sits pretty on the Tafaria grounds.  The cup is believed to have gotten its name from the early days when a cup of tea cost 15cents and hence the locals dubbed it 15!

Termites on the wall (Thuraku)

I could relate to this, going to my rural home in central Kenya, one always got a bite or two from the ants.  This was especially so during the rainy season.  Hence the famous termites got a place on the castle wall.  Quite interesting!

Strength of a Woman

Woman in rural Kenya double up not only as parents but managers of their homes, thus the strength of a woman is showcased on this artistic piece. Notably, she is carrying a baby, some firewood, a pot on her head and she is pregnant, truly shows the strength of a woman.

The Castle also can organize visits to Mount Kenya and The Aberdare ranges for game drives and hikes on request.  One can enjoy these trip for as little as Kshs.  3,000 for a group day trip.  Our trip was organized by

You can contact  Lawrence details as follows:-

Expeditions Maasai Safaris

 Head office: Kenya Police Sacco plaza, 3rd floor Wing A. Ngara Road
Nairobi CBD Office: National House Building, 1st-floor suite No 2. Market Street, Next to Post Bank House.

+254 20 4402616 | +254714318944 | +254731521789


The 2017 Italian Food Festival at Inter Continental Hotel, Nairobi

It was an evening full of laughter, good food, and good wine coupled with the very awesome company of bloggers. There were foodies, travel bloggers, photographers just to mention but a few.  The evening was made possible by the exceptional InterContinental Hotel, Nairobi staff that had invited us for the 2017 Italian Food Festival launch.

Right from the parking, the security team was quite pleasant as they ushered us into the hotel compound. The aura in the atmosphere was one of royalty as well as executive care.  After the nitty-gritty and a short introductory and welcome speech from the Resident Manager Mr Oliver Geyer, it was time to sample the Italian cuisines that the very able Chef Marco Pincelli had prepared.

Chef Marco Pincelli

The food festival menu offers a selection of exceptional cuisine expertly curated by the Chef using the finest ingredients bringing out the glamour of InterContinental life.  I got to learn that most of the ingredients were locally sourced and available hence making it a lovely experience for the chef.

The menu is carefully crafted to capture the glamour of the InterContinental life. Photo courtesy of

The glamour was well captured in the well-crafted Italian foods.  Our starter was fried white bread with anchovies with mozzarella cheese, Prawns and fried garlic salamis in chilli.

The evening would not have been complete without some spaghetti. There was a counter where one of the chefs had our spaghetti prepared as we watched.  Further back there was a counter full of mouthwatering desserts. As much as most of us were already full, one would not miss sampling the variety of desserts on the counter.

Photo courtesy:

Finally, after an evening full of good foods, and lots of laughter, it was time to leave, having been indulged on some Rosso Nobile, wine.

The Italian foods festival takes place between 14th-25th June 2017 at the Terrace Restaurant. It a great way to spend an evening with your loved ones and indulge in a memorable experience of Italian foods.

Cost: Kshs. 3,250/- per person.  

Are you looking for a luxury yet affordable south coast getaway? Your search might have just come to an end. The Majlis Hotel is an exceptionally distinctive luxury environment offering expanded amenities and consistent superlative service. The Majlis Hotel has been referred to as “The Pearl of The Lamu Archipelago” by holidaymakers who revere this fantastic getaway.

Situated in the heart of Kenya on Manda Island, Lamu, Home to strong historic heritage, a vibrant diverse community and an array of cultures.

Majlis is a perfect blend of local tradition, Swahili culture, Western comforts, and luxury. The boutique hotel combines superbly appointed luxury suites with verandas that open out to sun-drenched beaches.

How do you get there? 

Accessing Majlis in Lamu has been made easy due to the variety of transport infrastructure available which offers holidaymakers a couple of choices. You can easily connect to Lamu through Mombasa if you are travelling by road or rail. Both charters, private and commercial airlines fly to Lamu directly or offer connections through Mombasa by courtesy transport. If you are coming to Lamu by flight you will land on Manda Island, just across the channel from Lamu. The facility, one of the well-reckoned Kenya safari and beach holiday resorts can organize a tailor-made pick-up from Kenya’s main airports in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Experiencing Majlis

The surreal environment starts to beckon after a brief journey across the channel in a dhow setting the stage for an area which thrives on the warm Indian Ocean waters. The sight is surreal and amazing, a yearning for all holidaymakers.

The Majlis Resort has a welcoming atmosphere with a well-maintained yet unique setting. There are so many amazing things about this resort that will impress you from the architecture, service, cleanliness and the absolute beauty of the hotel (island, ocean and sunsets).

Tastefully decorates spacious rooms –Photo Credit
Pristine beachfront area. Photo credit

The hotel is clean and family-friendly and the hotel staff is good at what they do. They make you feel at home and settled and at home from the moment you check in all through your stay and check out. The amazing thing about Majlis is that they have various activities and options you can work with that include and not limited to swimming with dolphins, safari excursions to other islands, a tour to the Shela village that is across the Island as well as enjoying a spectacular sundowner dhow boat ride that’s coupled by a backdrop of magical sunsets.

Photo credit: Magical sunset in Lamu

Variety of world-class accommodation facilities are offered here with several options available for any taste.  There are affordable and well-furnished rooms and suites,  Junior Suite (Good for holidaymakers with teenage families), Family Suite(Families will enjoy this accommodation offer, it is home away from home)

What’s More? 

Lamu has beaches and splendidly mesmerizing seashores, Majlis is not an exception.  The Majlis is a perfect place for personalized beach holidays. The beach resort has offers that may include honeymoon, renewal of marriage vows, wedding, corporate events or other special events. Besides, there are various recreational activities with a focus on wellness, adventure, Swahili culture, sailing, water sports, and fishing for adults as well as families who visit the resort along with children.

Creative activities you will find at Majlis include Boat excursions, Boat & Mainland Safaris, Fishing, Water sports, Snorkeling & Diving, Kite-surfing, Fitness, Cultural excursions just to mention a few.  You are guaranteed to maximum fun while here.


Let us talk about food, shall we? At Majlis food is inviting and not just that, you will enjoy freshly cooked food by expert Chefs. Offering you four option restaurant cuisines for you to indulge:- Japanese cuisine, Swahili cuisine, Italian cuisine, International cuisine

There you go, bon appetit. Go to Majlis and have bliss in the quiet oasis!

Strand-The Discount Hotel

Nairobi has a variety of new mushrooming discount hotels that are close to the city centre and the main airports. One of the latest entries into the hospitality industry is The Strand. Located at the heart of Nairobi West a middle-class suburban estate within Nairobi city.  The Strands Hotel is a contemporary yet comfortable hotel which captures the best of Kenya’s warm tradition of hospitality. The facility is a casual yet elegant setting where spacious guest rooms are perfectly appointed for a comfortable stay for a traveller on business or leisure.

The Discount Hotel-Strand Rooms

The 3-star hotel offers a selection of 50 spacious rooms, some with balconies and terraces, all lavishly furnished to offer the very highest standards of comfort and value at affordable rates. Every part of the hotel was designed with the guest’s best interest in mind. All the rooms have a work desk, high internet access; satellite TV with DSTV. There is a variety of rooms to choose from which include:-

1. Standard Rooms
2. The Superior Rooms
3. The Deluxe Rooms

Standard Rooms

Includes 12 rooms each with a single bed. The deco in each of the rooms is tastefully designed with a Kenyan style.

Superior Rooms – (28 rooms)

These rooms are lavishly furnished. They have got spacious twin beds and double beds.

Deluxe Rooms – (4 rooms)

The Deluxe Rooms are very spacious with super king sizes beds. The rooms are cosy and each boasting of a balcony.

Strand-Discount Hotel Location

The facility is conveniently located on Gandhi Avenue off Langata road in Nairobi West off the main highway to JKIA and is also a few minutes drive to the City Centre, the busy upper hill area, The Nairobi National park, various nightspots and the Wilson Airport.

Additionally, the facility boasts of a state of the art conference hall that can hold up to 50 pax and can be used for workshops, seminars, business meetings and launches.

Kenyatalii’s Verdict

The facility is affordable. Accessibility to the City Centre on public transport is readily available. For those that love to sample the nightlife in Nairobi, Nairobi West offers several nightspots that include Carnivore along Langata Road.  The Strand is one I would recommend for anyone looking for a great discount hotel.



The Capital city of Nairobi is an ideal getaway for locals and foreign tourist alike. The city can accommodate all types of budgets.  Some attractions date back to the colonial and pre-colonial Kenya. In addition to strong heritage, a vibrant business community, an array of cultures Nairobi offers one an opportunities to experience all of this within a short drive from the city’s central business district or from any of the airports.  The Nairobi Tented Camp is one of the accommodation facilities within the Nairobi national park.  The property is managed and owned by Porini Camps. It does not have any fences around it and hence wildlife can easily walk through the eco-camp.  An ideal location for some luxury away from the hassle of the city.


Some of yours visitors at NTC (Nairobi tented camp)

Some of your visitors while at  NTC (Nairobi tented camp)

An experience of the Camp and Park

The camp is located inside The Nairobi National Park and close to Sheldrick Elephants Orphanage. Away from the hustles and bustles of the city, take twenty minutes to drive from the Central business district and on to Langata road.  Once there, guests are treated to high-class comfort in the wilderness. Being a first-timer at the park may get one to be a little afraid knowing you will spend the night or two with the wild. It should, however, be noted that the level of security is high alert as is with all other families around the country located in various parks. (Thank God of helpful and friendly staff).   Hence one need’s not to worry. The camp is home to serenity, peace and tranquillity that words cannot quite describe. (I’m trying to !!!! ) The highlight of being at the facility is a game drive around the park and seeing the big fives.  On a good day, all four of the big five will be seen. –Verdict


The magical Wildebeest migration is on, and I have this hunch you will be heading to the banks of the Great Mara River to witness this wonder of the world. While many hotels have already serviced their air-con systems and imported expert chefs, a lot of us still consider camping as a noble way to reconnect with nature away from the restriction that of four-walled shelters and an electric lock!

To make camp-lovers more comfortable, global hospitality trends are moving from the wood splitting, canned beans and roast potatoes experience to a more glamorous camping module known as “glamping”-basically injecting some glamour to the camping! Organized glamping trips feature all the outdoor exposure as traditional camping trips, but the amenities found at the campsite far exceed anything most traditional campers have at their disposal. Below is a list of top-trending sites where you can glamour-camp for this migration.



The lodge is tucked away in the side of a remote valley in the heart of Maasai land which ensures complete privacy for individual lodges. Rich in both style and class, the six large cottages boast of colonial antiques, Persian rugs and African art décor for the interiors. Glamping here goes past just glamour to the decadent luxury of having a spa in the wilderness while falling asleep in Mother Nature’s own snuggly soothe. Apart from the sumptuous meals, rejuvenating spa treatments and unforgettable game drives, visitors never fail to praise Saruni’s staff hospitality and meticulousness

Cottar’s 1920 Safari Camp



Recalling an era of luxury and quality, Cottar takes you right into the epicentre of “Out of Africa” –reminiscent of a golden era of romance, fearless adventure, timeless elegance and virgin panoramic sceneries with boundless game watching in cars from the ’20s.

Its unrivalled Safari tradition began in 1919, proudly gives this Safari camp a ninety-year experience!

The main dining area has a rustic feel with splendid antique furnishing and candelabras. Drinks flow through an unbridled conversation between the distinguished guides, guests and managers. The camp organizes a Kenyan themed night with great Maasai dance around the campfire and a sumptuous Kenyan BBQ. The children can take part in the Maasai Warrior Camp which visitors term as fantastic.

Ngerende Island Lodge


Strategically located on an oxbow lake of the Mara River, Ngerende Island Lodge has both day and night game drives in Ngerende’s private conservancy 15 minutes away from the major wildebeest migration crossing and barely 5 minutes away from the rhino sanctuary. This adventurous trip winds up with a relaxing massage in the spa or by the blue refreshing swimming pool before retiring the night away in the luxury tents or the more traditional canvas/wood suites complete with butler service and exclusive chefs.

Another plus for Ngerende is the resort’s airstrip which offers scheduled flights from Malindi, Mombasa and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Little Naibor

Little NaiborHidden away in a grove of riverine woodland on the banks of the spectacular Talek River, Little Naibor consists of spacious tents furnished with individual bathrooms, king-size and double beds made from local fig-wood, wide sofas upholstered with bolster cushions and woollen rugs.

The camp can be accessed through the Ol Kiomobo Airstrip and off Nairobi-Narok Highways, its proximity to the Great Wildebeest Crossing and the panoramic views of the distinctive sceneries underneath makes it a perfect point to relax and enjoy the vastness of Africa in complete privacy.

Daily scheduled flights are available from Wilson airport to Siana Springs airstrip, approximately an hour’s drive to the camp.

Kicheche Valley Camp


A world of bounteous animals, dazzling birds, sweeping grasslands, flat-topped acacias and breathtaking sunsets barely sums up the bewitching view in this camp. The tents are already set for you in a style that ceremoniously tangles art and craft to create a homely, embracing and accommodating camp. This hideaway welcomes you to the heart of African Masai land. For those who love camping without the hassle of fetching firewood, and lugging water, Kicheche provides flushing toilets, running water, and delicious meals; there is no compromising on comfort in Kicheche!

The Experience

The open-sided 4 by 4 vehicles eases one into the serenity of the new environment. Do not forget to make room in your itinerary for a Hot Air Balloon Safari cruise not too far away.

Building up a camp in the rugged terrains is not fun and neither is it a doubting task, but rather the fond memories and photos taken of special these places are. Glamping still involves the same types of excursions provided by traditional adventure groups, such as safaris, hiking, and river rafting, but the focus is often on the comfort of the guests. Comfortable transportation is usually provided from and from the campsite, laundry and dining are also taken care of. So, how about a visit to the Mara this season?

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