The sight of Mount Kenya on our right and the Nanyuki railway line that has recently been refurbished give us an aura of adventure. Sunday is usually a family day, as we drive past the towns Karatina, Kiganjo, Chaka and Narumoro towards Nanyuki town one can spot families heading home after their usual Sunday worship. The weather is great, the skies seem to be welcoming us to the gateway to Laikipia plateau; Nanyuki town. 

Affordable Luxury getaway Nanyuki

 It’s home to loads of history and plays a major role in conservation as well as tourist resort that are home to creating that unforgettable holiday and getaway experience. Nanyuki is host to loads of affordable luxury getaway catering for a huge array of tourist budgets. 

Slightly under three hours from the capital and less than one hour’s drive from Meru, is Maiyan Resort. Located 20 kms from Nanyuki town, along the Dol Dol Rumurita road the resort sits on a hundred and forty acres of land. This magnificent property has lovely accommodation villas with spectacular 360 degrees views of Mount Kenya from the south, a backdrop of Lolldaiga hills and the Aberdare ranges. Maiyan Resort not only boasts of lovely views but has bagged themselves several awards among them being The 2020 Trip Advisor Traveller’s Choice award. 

Affordable Luxury getaway Nanyuki
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What makes this resort an ideal Affordable Luxury Getaway?  

These are just a few of the reasons you should have Maiyan Resort on your bucket list. 

Maiyan Resort Nanyuki
The Jacuzzi and Heated Pool at the Villa’s Roof Top

The Roof Top View Experience 

The view from the rooftop of each of the six villas is an attraction on its own. It has a jacuzzi, a warm overhead heated pool, a lounge that can be used to relax as well as host small parties to travellers on request. Sunrises and Sunsets are best viewed from the villas rooftops. 

Maiyan Luxury Villas
The Sunrise is spectacular, with a view of Mount Kenya

Horse and Pony Rides

For the adventurous ones, this is a haven location with loads of activities. Fancy a horse ride? Then this is your opportunity to saddle up and ride. Children too can enjoy a pony ride with the help of a guide. 

The enormous grounds offer one the chance to test their riding skills, under strict supervision and safety. Our guide is at hand to calm our nerve with lots of reassurances on the horse’s behaviour and calmness.  

Affordable Luxury Getaways
Fancy at Horse Ride?

Outdoor Gym

For the outdoor lovers, there is an outdoor gym that will leave your muscle fit and a tennis court, a basketball pitch, as well as cycling.    

Affordable Luxury getaway Nanyuki

Affordable Luxury getaway Nanyuki

Beautiful Walking Trails 

Blend with the environment on the walking trails within Maiyan that are a cocktail of fresh air, nature and an opportunity to mingle with an array of bird species at the bird aviary. Sit, relax, watch different varieties of birds and enjoy some bird therapy. 

Affordable Luxury getaway
Birds Aviary
Maiyan Villas Nanyuki
Scenic walkways

Boating and fishing are the aqua activities after swimming. There is a manmade dam that sits in the middle of the property with the conferencing hall right on top. Now you can imagine those monthly meetings at this location. The deliberations will be right on point. 

Maiyan Luxury Villas

Food is at the centre of every holidaying experience, the resort boast of being self-sufficient as they grow their own food. Thus you are guaranteed of fresh farm to fork meals.

Nanyuki Kenya

Kids Friendly Resort

Children have a dedicated outdoor kid’s playground with dedicated activities that will have children fully engaged during their stay at Maiyan. From pony rides, to play stations that are available at the kids club to providing a minder while you indulge. 

Nanyuki Kenya

Exceptional Customer Care in beautiful spaces 

Our stay at Maiyan Resort left us feeling like royals, staffs are at your service for anything you may need, right from the entrance you are ushered into a premium yet affordable experience.   

Affordable Luxury Getaways

Game Drives

A game drive is always one of the many activities that one can experience while at Maiyan. 

On request, and with prior arrangements you are able to have a wildlife experience.

Nanyuki Kenya

It’s a thirty minutes’ drive to Olpejeta Conservancy Africa’s most important wildlife conservation areas. Or a forty minutes’ drive to Oljogi and get up close and candid with the wildlife.  

Affordable Luxury Getaways
Heated Swimming Pol

Kenyatalii’s Verdict

Maiyan Resort is your ultimate Nanyuki luxury getaway that ideal for the whole family as well as couples. It’s reasonably priced for the budget traveller, making it one of kenyatalii’s affordable luxury getaways. Take that well deserved holiday, weekend getaway or just a staycation and get spoilt. 

Plan, save, travel, and repeat!


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