Once upon a dream is a story of a young man that lived and was brought up in Nyeri Country.  He always dreamt and wished he could open up his hometown to the world.  This is the welcome story that ushers us to the Tafaria Castle.  Just about everything right from the entrance has a story behind it. An aura of an African taste mixed with a Roman Empire theme makes the castle quite a fascinating place to tour.

The Tafaria Castle and country lodge as we got to learn from our guide,  is named after the owner Mr. George Tafaria Waititu.  It’s an interesting story and yet motivational at the same time on how he intended to open up his rural home and village to the world and the experiences of rural Kenya. The castle is not only denoted on how it’s built but also on its various artifacts placed in different locations within the Castle, each with a different story behind it. It feels like going back into Medieval times.   As for me, this is one of the many reasons why I will be returning to this castle.


The Theme and accommodation

The castle’s theme is one of the Roman Empire, it has Lords Room, ideal for honeymooners and those looking for that extra luxury.  The Lord’s rooms are more like a presidential suite.  It’s the most expensive and the most luxurious room in the facility.  Once the Lord’s rooms are booked, guest occupying the room is addressed as His or Her Majesty for the period booked.  A flag is hoisted at the top of the castle to denote that the king and the Queen of the castle are in-house.  Next to theLord’s rooms is the Lords Army, Knights, A Dudgeon located in the basement that doubles up as the entertainment area for movies and music.



Apart from enjoying the castle, there are quite some activities that one can undertake.  There is a children’s play area, that overlooks the swimming pool.  The pool is heated during cold weather, an open area behind the castle where groups or families can undertake some team building.  The icing on the cake is a chariot ride or horse riding depending on one’s choice.


Archery, horse riding and Chariot Ride;  This activities are  available within the ground at a minimal cost of between Kshs. 200 and  500.  For bird lovers, then Tafaria is your ideal location as it is home to plenty of birds making your stay heavenly. There is also golfing for those that desire a game of golf.

A Castle with an The Artistic Touch

One cannot leave the Tafaria Castle without noticing the amount of art that is displayed on this magnificent ground.  The art work is a clear indication on the pride that the management and staff of Tafaria hold on African and local stories among the community.

The 15IN CUP (Fifitini in local Kikuyu dialect)

Growing up in rural Kenya has it stories as regards this cup.  It’s used as a measuring cup for milk among other used.  A replica of the cup sits pretty on the Tafaria grounds.  The cup is believed to have gotten its name from the early days when a cup of tea cost 15cents and hence the locals dubbed it 15!

Termites on the wall (Thuraku)

I could relate to this, going to my rural home in central Kenya, one always got a bite or two from the ants.  This was especially so during the rainy season.  Hence the famous termites got a place on the castle wall.  Quite interesting!

Strength of a Woman

Woman in rural Kenya double up not only as parents but managers of their homes, thus the strength of a woman is showcased on this artistic piece. Notably, she is carrying a baby, some firewood, a pot on her head and she is pregnant, truly shows the strength of a woman.

The Castle also can organize visits to Mount Kenya and The Aberdare ranges for game drives and hikes on request.  One can enjoy these trip for as little as Kshs.  3,000 for a group day trip.  Our trip was organized by https://expeditions.co.ke.

You can contact  Lawrence details as follows:-

Expeditions Maasai Safaris

 Head office: Kenya Police Sacco plaza, 3rd floor Wing A. Ngara Road
Nairobi CBD Office: National House Building, 1st-floor suite No 2. Market Street, Next to Post Bank House.

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