If you’ve travelled with a friend or with your family you know the joy of sharing the holiday experience with others.  It’s not just the companionship but you are sometimes persuaded to see and do things you wouldn’t normally do.

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Travelling solo doesn’t mean you need to compromise the joy and excitement of a holiday.  Don’t let travelling by yourself stop you from taking a dream vacation.

Here are some tips and ideas to consider if you’ll be vacationing alone

First, decide on where you want to go.  While quiet, secluded destinations sound ideal you may find yourself getting bored.  Try to find places with lots of sights and things to do.  If you would like to meet others then consider cities with lots of nightlife options like Nakuru, Mombasa, Nairobi just to mention but a few.  If you like the beach, choose destinations that have a combination of city and sand.  Likewise, if you want to do some hiking, choose a vacation spot that has a real city nearby so you can enjoy the sights and take in the great outdoors.

Travel in a group

In Kenya, there are lots of tour companies that offer lots of budget-friendly tours.  Check out the social media platforms like Facebook as well as the internet and pick out several solo adventure ideas.  Book a guided joining group trip to any part of Kenya; these are very ideal for individual travel.  Not only will you be with a group of other tourists but your itinerary will be planned out for you.

Be open to meeting new people
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You would be surprised at how interesting some sights can be; on your own, you may miss them by talking yourself into staying at your hotel.  Several travel companies that organize all-inclusive tour packages.  This will ensure that one is busy from the time your first day to when the vacation ends.  For foreign tourist one is busy from arrival day until you depart.

Short Weekend Tours / Day tours

Another option is taking a guided day tour; these allow you more flexibility and you can revisit the sights on your own.  Travel tours can be researched and booked online or through a travel agency.  Their plenty of these tours on social media like Facebook, check out several tour firms that have short weekend trips.

For instance, the coastal city of Mombasa is a fantastic option for solo adventure ideas across the city and the neighbouring counties of Kwale and Kilifi.  The towns around the city have an abundance of sights, the beach in Malindi, Diani and at the North Coast within driving distance.

Finally, I suggest the solo traveller make travel arrangements in advance.  The frustration with hassles is doubled when you’re travelling by yourself.  Also, prepare yourself for some quiet time.  Bring some good books and magazines to read.  Consider bringing a laptop so you can keep in touch with friends and research activities in your vacation city.

Travelling solo doesn’t have to be boring or lonely.  On the contrary, it can be quite enjoyable and exciting.  Do some research, consider tours and make your travel arrangements in advance.


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