A road trip with a group of friends and family is always welcome. There are plenty of activities that can keep everyone engaged. Entertainment on the road trip should not just be limited to stories or deathly silence while staring out the window wondering when you will ever arrive at the destination. 

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One activity that breaks the ice is singing which can be incorporate in-car karaoke where everyone sings for as long and as loud as they want. However, we understand that not everyone likes to belt out a tune or for those that are not music buffs listen to their tone-deaf fellow road trippers. What then you ask can one do on a road trip while strapped on the seat? Card games! They are fun, witty, downright hilarious and sometimes outrageous. 

Question-based card games are easy to play and are a great way to bond throughout the journey. They allow knowing a little bit about everyone without the awkwardness of outrightly asking a personal question. According to @playpengames, never have I ever, and the voting game are among their favourites. Never have I ever can be played will enjoying a drink too, however, can be tailored to suit a road trip. It’s all dependent on your friends’ preference. Never have I ever is essentially a party card game that’s a conversation started and quite entertaining. It can be incorporated while travelling in a group. If played while driving, it’s recommended that the driver does not drink and drive! 

A fun alternative to avoid drinking is to tell the group a funny made-up story or a joke. The voting game is an awesome game that allows the players to find out how well they know their friends by voting for the person best described by the card. A great alternative to the voting game is drunk, stoned or stupid which follows a similar theme. 

Family road trips should not be left out of the fun. Apples to apples is a great game where players find a red card that best describes a green card. It is a game that is bound to test description. Quite an interesting game that is family-friendly that can also be played by kids play too!

Card Games make road trips worthwhile!

Card games make road trips a whole load of fun and help friends and family bond like never before. When travelling in a group that are conversation starters creating lasting bonds that can last a long time.   

The next time you are on a road trip, incorporate some games, while on your holiday, enjoy a game night and continue the fun. 

What your favorite road trip game?  


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