A Dream Vacation in Your Europe Travel

Out of the many different destinations in the world, Europe has all along been on top of the list of dream destinations. With the varied cultures and many different cities to visit, people have been flocking to Europe for family vacations, honeymoons, friendly group trips as well as for romantic getaways. Considering that there are numerous choices for cities to visit, there are places that are crowded with tourists all the year around. One of the most famous cities out of all is the great city of Paris. This place is stormed by tourists throughout the year. Families, couples or newlyweds that are looking forward to creating memories for a lifetime, visit this beautiful city. Many people have called this city, the city that fulfils dreams.

Introduction to the city of love, lights and fashion

With its stunning surroundings and beautiful environment, this city contains a unique atmosphere. It also consists of extravagant cuisines and a varied range of art collections that attract many art lovers who visit the city. The fashion trends are also extremely diverse and people love the overall shopping experience. The old churches, the charming cobbled streets and lamps, the bridges and waterways, world-famous museums and cafes, all add that special touch to its uniqueness.


towerThere are different places to visit in Paris that would make your vacation more memorable and exciting.


The Eiffel Tower:

This is a world known structure that has been visited by people from all over the world. It has been a dream of many to climb to the top and take in the vast beauty of Paris. Most tourists that visit Paris usually do so because of this tower.

Musee du Louvre:

This is the largest museum in the world. In the beginning, it was just a fort, turned palace but now holds art’s greatest Creations, like the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo etc. With numerous floors of over 35000 creations of artwork, this attraction is a must-see for those who are passionate about art.

Centre Pompidou

This is considered to be one of the most famous modern art sites in Paris. The museum itself is inside out and is created with pipes, elevators, and plumbing on the outside. It also consists of a library, a restaurant, cinema halls, and a huge theatre There are endless galleries of artwork also available.


This is a famous French restaurant in Paris that is well known for its exquisite ensemble of cuisines that would take your breath away. Even though it is a bit expensive it does offer some amazing food.


There are many other exciting places that can be visited in Paris, like the Versailles Palace, Les Halles, Champs-Elysees and many more. A large number of different restaurants and eateries are also available for different kinds of food and fine dining. With the many different things to do and see, people are never satisfied with just one visit to this beautiful city.

Important information for tourists visiting Paris

  • For those who have selected Paris as their dream destination can get to this stunning city by many different UK airlines from abroad. Local UK airlines are also available from cities in Europe that would get you there in no time.
  • The best way to move around the city would be to walk to different areas as transportation is fairly expensive.
  • Eat at restaurants that offer special deals mainly during lunch for special French fine dining instead of visiting expensive restaurants.
  • For souvenirs, shop at Monoprix for the most affordable items and prices.

Paris is indeed considered as the city of numerous splendors. Whether it is for art, culture, fashion, food, clubs, shopping etc., then this is one of the best destinations for a vacation and would surely make your dreams come true! For this, you should always keep a list of Transport For London Helpline numbers handy with you.

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