Our Interview with Ms Maggie Kago of Kago Holidays who are based in Mombasa gives us an insight on how her entrepreneurship journey began and what we should expect from Kago Holidays as well some travel hacks for anyone wanting to travel on a budget in 2020.

Who is Kago Holidays and what do Kago Holidays do?

We are a travel agency based in Mombasa that strives to create memories and footprints in the coastal Holiday circuit.  It was inspired after an internship in the region leading to the birth of agency in 2018.

What inspired you to start the business? (To do what you do)?

I must say my love for adventure and travel, in general, inspired me to set up the business.  Self-catering holiday options were still picking up in 2018; hence I saw the need to fill in the gap for budget travellers as well as those looking for a different preference of holidaying at the coast.  My day to day job entails scouting for favourable self-catering facilities across the Coastal region and selling them to my clients. 

One of the many Villas that Kago Holidays book for your holiday

What are some of your favourite destinations in Kenya and Africa?

Being a travel agent in the Coast region makes this one of my top destinations in Kenya.  Lamu tops the list closely followed by Diani due to their vast pristine sandy beaches and premium self-catering facilities. 

What’s in your bucket list in 2020?

In Kenya, I would love to visit the western circuit topped by Kisumu. Tour Central Kenya particularly tour Sagana for some water rafting. The North of Kenya too; is in my bucket list that includes Marsabit; I need to tour the north, and perhaps even visit Chalbi Dessert. 

Kago Holidays

What’s on your destination dream in Africa in 2020?  I would love to go to Uganda: The view of the Nile is calling! Seychelles, Mauritius, South Africa, Egypt, and Ghans are my desired Africa destination.

What don’t people know about you? That Kago Holidays is run and founded by a lady.  I have gotten used to being referred to as Mr Kago! Kago is my surname hence the name.

Kago Holidays is run by A lady!!!!

What hacks would you tell our readers about budget travel?

Travelling is not expensive, only with:

  1. The Right planning and by this I mean, know where you want to visit.
  2. Do your research or ask us questions and we will be ready to guide you.
  3. Start saving early.  If you want to travel during the peak seasons, start paying as early as July or August.  Also, take advantage of early bird bookings offers.
  4. Travel during the low season.  Rates are relatively low compared to peak season.
  5. Be flexible and travel in a group.  Solo travels can tend to slightly more expensive.

 What should we expect from Kago Holidays in 2020?

We plan to start booking self-catering facilities in Zanzibar as well as Dar-es-Salam, Tanzania while similarly expanding our portfolio here in Kenya. 


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