Volcanic rocks, Acacia trees plus a steep descend, we navigate our way to the southern end of Kenya’s rift valley escapement. Our final destination is Lake Magadi. This is the last lake in the southern part of Kenya’s Rift Valley. A solid and dry lake that has shades of pink and white colour. It is home to the salt and baking soda Tata Chemicals manufacturing plant that dates back to 1911.

Our drive to Magadi one hundred and twenty kilometres (120km) from the capital city of Nairobi taking us through the towns of Ongata Rongai, Kiserian, through Kona Baridi, and past the Olorgasalie prehistoric site. The gently sloping hills on the left, volcanic rocks along an almost lonely stretch of the tarmac and acacia shrubs all seemed to be preparing us for a day of fun and adventure.

This was my second excursion to the renown Lake Magadi. The last time, the road was in a pathetic state. This time the road is much better, except for a few rough patches along the road. There seems to be quite some traffic with several settlements along the way as well as economic activities in the town of Oletepesi.

We arrive at Lake Magadi by mid-morning. It’s important to arrive early as the weather temperatures can be as high as 35-40 degrees, which would hinder your day’s activities. After a short debrief by Benjamin our guide, we check into the clubhouse ready for a drive to the hot spring or spa as they call it here.

An ideal day trip for children too!
With our guide @Steve Mato of Stejos Safari. 


Lake Magadi is home to lots of birds such as flamingoes, Pelican, the yellow-billed storks and small waders that cohabit among the few wildlife which include giraffes and Zebras that can be spotted from a distance. The lake is surrounded Mount Shompole and Sambu hills that border Kenya and Tanzania. They also double up as the border points between Kajiado and Narok counties.

There is a small clubhouse that serves as the restaurant where one can orders meals and drinks as well as enjoy a swim at the clubs swimming pools. Thus making it an ideal weekend getaway for kid too.

Being a day trip, we did not stay the night. However, the clubhouse has several club annexe accommodation, a tented camp that is a few meters away from the clubhouse. There are also lake view cottages that right at the shores of the Lake. Early booking is encouraged as accommodation is limited. One can also choose to stay at the luxurious Shompole Wilderness camp located at the shores of river Ewaso Nyiro or the Lentore Lodge located at the foot of Nguruman escarpment.

The activities
There are several exciting activities while at Lake Magadi that will make your visit memorable.

Photo credit: Stejos Tours and Travel

Swim at the Natural Hot springs
The Natural spring the main attraction for a majority of visitors to Lake Magadi. The spring’s water is believed to have medicinal value to the skin curing ailments such as skin rashes, pimples and acne, dry skin conditions and also helps in strengthening the bones in the body.

Bird Watching
Flamingoes will welcome you as your drive towards the hot spring make several stops for a picture or two as well bird watching. Enjoy a quiet drink as you watch the various bird species at the lake.

Get lost in the vast pink lake scenery
The Lake is surrounded by extremely beautiful sceneries, why not get lost in your thought while watching is a picturesque location.

Swimming at the clubhouse

Take a deep in the pool and cool off from the day’s heat.  Magadi can be scorching hot!

Kenyatalii’s Verdict: Lake Magadi is an ideal weekend getaway not too far from the city.  It’s ideal for children too.  Next time you are looking for an adventurous yet not too busy getaway, why not choose Lake Magadi.  It’s less than three hours away!

For more information: http://www.lakemagadiadventures.com

The trip was curated by Stejos Tours and Travel 


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