As a travel writer, you are bound to read other people’s work.  It’s what keeps me inspired.  There are quite a growing number of female travel bloggers in Kenya as well as across the continent.  It’s great to see women are travelling more compared to yesteryear’s where only a handful travelled.  Travel has become easier over the years due to the digital age.

Join me in celebrating all women and particularly my list of female travel bloggers in Kenya who will inspire you to pack up your bags and explore enchanting destinations.

Safari 254

Owned by Rachel who is a three-time Kenyan travel blog award winner, safari254 is quite an inspiration.  She describes herself as one who like most Kenyans took for granted the country in which she was born. Things however changed when she moved away for studies abroad. Each visit home, she sought out a different place and fell in love with the; Kenya she was discovering. The photographer is top-notch and the blog has lived true to its slogan Travel, Learn and be inspired!


Rupi Mangat

Hers is a travel writers career that spans back twenty years.  I have been reading her articles for the longest I guess we go way back to my high school days and still do to date.  Rupi is your Saturday Nation writer that takes you through Kenya in the eyes of a wildlife conservationist.  The fact that she had been travel writing for this long is in itself an inspiration to keep doing what we do-travel writing.  Her blog: has content from way back the year 2000; quite a long time.



Kemzy makes my Monday’s as she narrates about her weekend travels.  Her adventures are up on her blog weekly and are interesting to read and dream away to the various destinations she gets to visits.  She is a foodie and a travel blogger who seeks to share affordable food and travel.  She describes her blog as to where the fun begins. Check it out and tell me what your thoughts are on the comment section below.


Wangechi Gitahi Travel

Wangechi a marketer by profession and a traveller by passion is a solo traveller that has travelled to about 20 countries and counting, and over 200 towns.  All as a means to learn about different cultures, landscapes and people.  She seeks to break stereotypes, inspire others to travel and to promote World Peace and Love. Visiting her blog you will learn lots about her travels around Kenya and Africa as well as Asia.  From enjoying the landscapes of Turkana in Kenya to interacting with the Japanese culture to the Taj Mahal, Wangeci has it all laid in her blog.  I particularly followed her trip to Northern Kenya in Turkana, and to say the least, I plan to tour the north more.

Bonita on Safari

Bonita is an adventurer, traveller, travel writer and hobbyist photographer. This 2018 winner of the Kenya blog Awards, will show you hidden gems, review hotels and destinations in Kenya.

I meet her during the Rusinga cultural festival in 2018. The way she indulged with the culture and rocked a dance move with the dancers at the event is a sure displace on how passionate she is of culture, and travel in general.

Tembea na Mo

Maureen’s most recent trip to Lamu, made me want to leave my day job and travel to Lamu again. Mo’s world on social media brought back my most memorable visit to this Unesco World Heritage city.  Tembea na Mo is another of Kenya’s travel blogger that travels to explore, learn, have fun and tell her story while at it.  Her travels span from Nairobi, Lamu, Mwanza in Tanzania, to Ethiopia and Morocco among other destinations.


Clalffin or Clal as she refers to herself wishes to wake up and see the sunrise in a new place every day.  That how she describes herself on her blog.  A read through her blog, one is hooked through the various captivating stories on backpacking in Kenya, travelling solo, sights and sounds from Kisumu to chasing waterfalls in Kenya. The life of travel demands sacrifice remains very true to a majority of us who travel not just for fun but to share and inspire others to explore.

Diary of A Muzungu –Uganda

Across the border in Uganda is the Diary of a Muzungu.  This blog is everything Uganda, from hidden gems, the food, and the culture to just being a Muzungu in a foreign land.  Charlotte or ‘Nagawa’ as she describes herself on her blog is quite an avid traveller across East Africa.  She encourages her readers to join her on a tour of Uganda on foot, by train, plane, boda-boda, bus or even a dugout canoe now that should get you packing for a tour of Uganda.


Rayhab Gachango -Potentash  

Although this is a lifestyle blog.  Her Travel category will inspire one to explore Kenya.  Rahab Gachango is quite an experienced writer and the lifestyle category winner in the 2018 lifestyle category under the Kenya blog awards.


Eve is currently in the car hire business and at the same time travel blogging.  She is constantly scouting for the best affordable packages allowing her to travel within her budget.  Her trip to Kisumu in January was quite an inspiration to tour the Kit-Mikayi.

Torik Diaries

Tori Karambu’s blog is not only a travel blog but one that covers other topical issues.  She has a theme for each day that includes women, food, kids, lifestyle and men. Her article on ten tips on how to travel to Mombasa on a budget offers young and first-time travellers practical travel tips.  The blog is a year old, and judging by the content this far, it’s one to look out for, as it keeps growing.  Tomorrow will be better.

Emily Nderitu

Finally, this list would not be complete if I did not honour myself.  Building a brand: has not been an easy ride.  Every week, day month and years that pass as we keep striving to be the best that we can be in the travel blogging and travel content creation space, is in itself an inspiration to us to keep doing what we love and creating a lasting brand. Budget travel remains true to us six years later!

There are many other female bloggers and writers across Kenya and in Africa too, we honour each one them as they continue to do what they love.   Who is your favourite female travel writer or blogger? Let us know and we shall be sure to seek some inspiration from them.

Read more about the international women Day here

Happy International Women Day!


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