A Nairobi Tour will leave you, quite knowledgeable of Kenya’s History from the 1900s to date. It’s quite interesting to learn about several historical stories of the Nation’s capital. The railway museum is quite the backbone of who Nairobi is today. The Monuments to have a story to tell, and then there are the streets, roads and avenues of Nairobi that too tell the nostalgic narrative of our beloved country. Finally, phrase one of my tour ends at the KICC, and the view from the top at the helipad brings to life all the day’s stories of this lovely city.

Have a peep on what we got to see at the Railway Museum

Day trips : Nairobi Railway Museum
Graffiti Art and Jacaranda Trees usher you into the museums compound.


The Railway Museum: Nairobi City Tour
The Main Entrance: The Museum is open daily Monday to Friday from 8:00 am -5:00 pm



Maasai of Kenya -Train at the Railway Musem
Each train has a name and a number.  This one was christened ” The Maasai of Kenya’

The Queen’s porcelain cups and plates were on display too. The Gold dinner service utensils were used on special royal occasions.  Can you identify the Queen’s porcelain cups and plates?


Then the permanent way inspector’s Trolley bicycle! It was used to inspect the rail’s condition, quite some innovation for this era.


The tour would not be complete without viewing the Queens seats.  Taking the train was quite a royalty affair.

Railway Museum -The Queens Seats


The Movie Out of Africa is represented here! 

Out of Africa Movie Train


We finally depart the Railway Museum having learnt, had a day full of adventure and lots of historical narratives about the City of the Nairobi and the history of railway line right from inspection to date.  It’s one of the many cheap things to do when in Nairobi. It cost only 200 shillings for citizens and 600 per person for non-residents.   Read more on cheap day-trip ideas here.




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