Thirteen kilometres from Arusha city within the Tengeru area is Lake Duluti.  Arusha is located north of Tanzania and south of Nairobi, Kenya.  The city is 271.4 kilometres from Nairobi city.  Arusha is the centre of the northern tourism circuit in Tanzania.  A road trip from Nairobi takes about four to five hours depending on traffic flow and stopovers. Travellers are recommended to ensure they factor in enough time for the immigration process at the Namanga border point as sometimes there are lots of people seeking clearance at the same time across the two countries.  I.e Kenya –Tanzania border.

Arusha has plenty of affordable budget accommodation. Thus making it an ideal location for budget travellers.  For Kenyans planning to visit the city, it can be easily accessed via public transport, several shuttle companies ply Nairobi -Arusha route alternatively one can engage the services of a tour company who can organize for a comprehensive safari into the modest and lovely city of Arusha.

Birdlife at the Lake.


Lake Duluti a bird Sanctuary

Lake Duluti is one of the many attractions recommended for budget travellers visiting Arusha. Named by the Wameru tribe of Tanzania, the lake was created from a volcanic crater.  It is an ideal day trip location for both locals and tourist visiting Arusha.  The lake is home to plenty of bird species making it an ideal bird-watching location for bird lovers.  This is an all year round crater lake that offers one an opportunity to view scenic Mount Meru and on a good day the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro shows up above the clouds from a distance.


Canoeing at the Lake is one of the many activities that one can enjoy. Photo Credit:

Activities at the Lake

Activities at the Lake include canoeing which we choose to engage in fun competition between friends and enjoyed a picnic along the Lake shores. For hiking lovers, they can enjoy a hike within the forest reserve.

Around the lakeshore, there are several restaurants run by the local community as well as the Eco-tourism centre where one can enjoy some refreshments.  We opted for some light refreshment before embarking back to the city.  Whether you are on a short safari in Arusha, or a local within Tanzania, a day to Lake Duluti is very rewarding for a moderate budget. Several accommodations around the lake include Lake Duluti Serena hotel and Lake Duluti Lodge among others.


The entrance at the forest reserve.



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