It had been several years since I visited Lake Magadi.  I had been toying with the idea of taking a road trip down to the southern part of Kenya for several months.  On a random Friday afternoon my travel buddies and myself hurriedly hatched out a plan on spending our weekend by adventuring Lake Magadi.

Armed with a Google map, we seek out for the direction and started our journey early Saturday morning.  The excitement was evident from the group.  Driving through Ngong one is ushered to breathtaking sceneries of the Ngong Hills (Another of my must do hiking trip after several years). 

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We make a stop over to take a few souvenir photos and continue down the escarpment.  One descends 1,000m to the lowest hot spot.  The road is quite steep as one descends trough tough terrain.  A four wheel drive car is recommended.  Several stopovers’ along the way helps’ us forget on the bad road, and the fun continues.  It takes us about four hours to get to the Lake due to the many potholes along the way.

Adventure within Lake Magadi

From a distance one can see the baking salt plains spread far and wide.  The heat is quite high.  Ensure you have carried enough drinking water.

We arrive at the facility early afternoon.  Our first stop is the Lake Magadi Members club.  A cold drink would do at this point due to the heat.  There is a swimming pool where visitors can cool off.  We check in at the Enkare adventure site (A tented camp) located near the lake.

Accommodation -The Tented Camp

Things to do

  1. Stop over At Olorgesailie Prehistoric Site
  2. Swimming within the members club pool
  3. Visit the hot springs (This is a guided tour)
  4. Spot the flamingos (can be found along the southern part of the lake)
  5. Experience the Maasai culture (visit a homestead)
  6. Take a bath in the hot spring medicinal waters and see the change!
  7. Extend the trip to Lake Natron further south past Shompole about 40kilometers.

Getting there!

From the Capital city (Nairobi), through, Ongata Rongai, Kiserian, Ngong hills, Oletepesi to Lake Magadi. If travelling during the rainy season, look out for flash floods that may occur.

Kenyatalii’s verdict

This is an ideal weekend idea. For the budget travelers, this is a home of adventure at an affordable budget.  An off road car is suitable for the trip.  Finally ensure you have enjoyed your trip.  Carry an adventurous spirit.


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