Camping and hiking gear suitable for Kenya is no different from the usual gears of hiking and camping. The adventures of camping and hiking are some of the outdoor experiences that every individual wants to have experience maybe once in a lifetime. Hiking with a backpack and eating around the campfire are some of the adventures that one can enjoy while on such a trip.  As much as one may be overjoyed by the trip to a camp or for a hiking experience in Kenya, one should not forget to suit himself with the appropriate camping and hiking gear that will assure one on safety and security during the adventure.

Understand Kenya’s Weather

Located along the equator, Kenya experiences fairly good and warm weather.  Kenya has several campsites and hiking locations in both highlands and lowlands, in the coastal region and the lake region and the dry areas and the wet areas of the country. Kenya also has two rainy seasons- long rainy season and short season. The long rainy season is from March to April.  Sometimes and especially due to climate change, the long rain season can spill over to May and June.  July is the coldest month dubbed Kenya’s winter, once again this spill over to August.  September offers a relatively warm month as it ushers in October to December that is the short rains seasons or January.

The range of climatic changes, the difference in temperature variability in the different parts of the country and the variety of hiking and camping regions require careful study of Kenya before choosing in your camping and hiking gear suitable for Kenya. While choosing the gear, first identify your destination in the country, then the season and temperature conditions and then type of activity during your trip to ensure that the gear chosen matches your entire requirement for the adventure.

The highland may be very wet and cold while the coastal and lake regions may be very hot and humid at times and there are gears for every such condition hence the careful choice is important. As usual for every outdoor activity, it is you versus your gear and so only the best and suitable ones can be entertained to avoid complaints.

Choosing the camping and hiking gear suitable for Kenya

After careful study of the season, destination and activity attention switches onto the choice of the gear. There are several gears to choose from, but only a few necessary ones can be carried to avoid over carrying or under carrying the gear. The gears are of different types and for different purposes. In your backpack, you must ensure you have a complete set of gears and equipment for your whole trip from the backpack itself, the sleeping system and the clothing to the footwear.  Food and drinks should never miss in the backpack and other gear necessary like personal equipment.

Choose a backpack that is fitting in your back, easy to put on and remove, waterproof and big enough to carry all your other gear and equipment. Although some of the trekking and clothing gears are always available for hire in the camping areas, it is advisable to carry with yourself as much of your right fitting equipment to avoid worry in case you miss items that fit perfectly with your body.

In addition to carrying your clothing and trekking gear as camping and hiking gear suitable for Kenya, you must also consider bringing with you the personal and miscellaneous items because getting them around the camping or hiking region might not be that easy. In you, trekking gear makes sure items like footwear, good clothing, jacket, trousers, hats and gloves are not missing.  Sunscreen and sunglasses must also be included.

For a good camping and hiking experience, resting after a day’s activity is important. Ensure that the sleeping bag that you pack is of good layering and flexibility so that you can cope with the existing night conditions. As you hike up the mountain dehydration due to hard work and profuse sweating may occur, it is important to equip yourself with water in a water bottle and some other energy drinks in plastic bottles.

Another important item not to forget is an illuminating system, either a torch, a headlight or flashlight with spare batteries and bulbs is recommended for night walking and protection. Pocket knives and related items are important for making the way during hiking and therefore should be part of the gear to accompany you to the trip.

Most importantly, among the camping and hiking gear suitable for Kenya is the personal equipment for health and safety in the camp or over the mountain. A safety box or a first aid kit is important for an emergency. Sunglasses and sunscreens together with snow goggles will help reduce the intense glare on high mountains. Never forget to carry food, especially easy and already cooked food to subsidize on the other foods that you may find in the camping region. A heating system is important for making campfire especially a camping stove. Care should be taken not to make the backpack so heavy to carry as one walks in the forest or up the mountain.

Camping and hiking gear suitable for Kenya-lightweight principles

Lightweight camping and hiking is the current trend in the outdoor adventure, it is very lovely and comfortable, simple and efficient. Only ensure that you are not carrying more than twenty pounds of the camping and hiking gear suitable for Kenya in your back. Weight is often cut in various areas, for example, choosing a fitting and light backpack, taking a smaller tent, and reducing the amount of material of your sleeping bag.  The toiletries and extra clothing that might add weight to the pack should be reduced. Going lightweight should not be mistaken for less gear but it simply means better packing. Simply choose your camping or hiking gear carefully and reduce the weight of your backpack tremendously.

Kenya has a serene environment for hiking and camping owing to the advantage of geographical features and seasonal characteristics. As one chooses Kenya as a camping or hiking destination, careful choice of the gear is important and a factor that should be considered, if possible consultation on the matter is important. Several specialists and shops can offer consultative advice on the camping and hike gear suitable for Kenya situated all over the country.


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