Having come from the holidays, several tour companies have had packaged road trips around various routes in Kenya.  Group travel is always an ideal plot as one gets to cost-share on most of the main requirement of the trip.  These include accommodation and meals among others. Group travelling also offers one an opportunity to meet new people and create new friendships, some of which may last a lifetime.

That said, we highlight a few types of people you might have encountered during your trip or you are bound to meet on your next group trip: –

  1.  The Party Animal:

The party animal is mostly drunk or nursing a bad hangover.  They will be itching for a drink the minute you are on the road.  Their main interest is to enjoy their drink and the trip is never a top priority.  Most of them are relatively young. On arrival at your destination, the party animal will be out all night.  The next day activities don’t matter as long as they have their drink!

  1. The Comic

Have you been on a road trip with a super humorous person? These people are full of life, there are quite social and will start a conversation about anything and everything.  The comic is so funny, they are good company and they keep the trip alive with their witty comments, joke and humour.

  1. The clinger

Most of the people we meet during a group trip will be new.  The clinger is one who has no definite plan, he/ she will be in for any plans you might have during the trip.  They can’t stay on their own and are not comfortable in their own space.  Don’t be shocked to find them with you everywhere you go.  Avoid a clinger if you love some solo moments.

 4.  Smitten Couple

There is always that couple who joins the group for the trip.  However, the smitten couple can be a little annoying to the group as most of them will not want to associate with the rest of the group.  They will not want to get involved in any group activities apart from their own smitten space.  They may only interact with any other smitten couple within the group.


  1. The bragger

This kind of traveller will be bragging and talking about their trip across various destinations around the country.  They never stop talking about themselves, and how they have been there done that!  The bragger altitude is always about them i.e. me, me and I altitude. They will mostly exaggerate on their stories.


  1. The overly packed

They are mostly travelling for the first time and may not know what to carry for the trip.  They word pack light does not exist.


  1. The Hunter

For the luck of a better word, I choose to call this group of people the freelance hunter.  These kinds of travellers are usually very good company during the day until evening when they happily hunt for anyone willing to spend a night in their room.



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