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White Water Rafting in Kenya An exceptional Experience!

White Water Rafting in Kenya An exceptional Experience!

White Water in Kenya is not for the faint-hearted.  Are you brave, adventurous and courageous enough? Then involve yourself in this exciting kind of sport. This is a water sport which is not really common in Kenya but recently it has become a bit famous.

The how of White water rafting in Kenya

One cannot engage in this game by yourself because it requires a river guide who is well trained to give commands as you undertake it. Paddle boats are used in this water sport. The boats used are manufactured in the UK with a six people capacity. In case of any injuries, each boat has a comprehensive medicated and first aid kit in it. River guides carry binas, pulley, throw bags and knives; these guides as well as the participants put on helmets and life jackets.

White water rafting in KenyaThe participants puddle the boat themselves and if they wish they can carry with them the videos and cameras but they keep them well in waterproof boxes.  The best thing with white water rafting is that there is no prior experience needed in order to engage in this exercise, this is because you have a guide to give instructions. Young ones above 14 years can as well engage in white water rafting in Kenya; however this is only with the consent of their parent. Nevertheless, there is no upper age limits, it all depends on how healthy you are as well your body fitness.

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 White water rafting in Kenya requirements

Before getting engaged in this sports there are some requirements such as, the swimming costumes, long sleeved shirts and pants for sensitive skin people. A hat with wider brim is required and shoes that are easy to fasten, sun screen and other personal toiletries are necessary. You can as well carry with you a pair of socks and gloves and rain jackets. You need some warm clothes that you will change in to after the trip.

The Adventure of White Water Rafting in Kenya

Tana River is one of the Kenyan rivers where white water rafting takes place. The participants leave Nairobi at 0800hrs and it takes one hour 30 minutes to get to the camp site around Sagana. This adventure takes four or five hours all depending on the level of the water. This river is a drop pool and it makes the whole exercise exciting. It all starts with a distance of 3 kilometers where paddle skills are easily practiced as this is required at the river’s lower part of it. Then there is a 6 kilometer stretch where one can relax for about an hour enjoying the spectacular bird life view. Then there is a warm water swim, and 3 giant rapids then smaller rapids and finally the big one.

white water rafting in Kenya

White water rafting in Kenya is unique because as you enjoy yourself in the river you can have bird viewing and there are various rivers to select from. The extent of your trips can be made according to your own requirements. White water rafting adventure in Kenya is well practiced in other rivers like Malewa, Athi, Sagana and Mathioya rivers. This experience is very exciting in its own way and especially in Kenyan rivers where there is variety to select from.  Therefore the next time you are looking to have some adrenaline rush through your spine choose this very fascinating adventure of white water rafting in Kenya.


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