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Budget Hotels in Mombasa

Inspiring Hotels in Mombasa: Budget Hotels in Mombasa

Budget Hotels in Mombasa is inspiring to a large population of tourists visiting Kenya since they are located along the beaches.  Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya. It is situated on the coastline of Indian Ocean. Budget Hotels in Mombasa are largely dependent on it as the centre for tourism.

Mombasa has white unique sandy beaches. They attract tourists to the coast leading to the presence of inspiring swish budget hotels.  Budget Hotels in Mombasa preserves its own kind of theme and culture which can’t be found in other related hotels. They offer excellent traditional and exotic dishes and also exceptional accommodation. The hotels are perfectly located offering a relaxed atmosphere and a spectacular view of the ocean.

Just Jetted in and Want to Know About Budget Hotels

in Mombasa?

If you are a native of Europe and America, you had better smile. Mombasa has a large international airport and port which makes your transportation easier. The breezing weather hosts countless tourists during harsh climatic conditions in other parts of the world.

Budget Hotels in Mombasa are a preference by tourists.  They are strategically located in either the north or the south coast. These have become major tourist attractions. Budget hotels also are evenly distributed to cater for all tourists visiting the coast region.  The fabulous beaches and beach resorts are very addictive and attractive.

Classification of Budget Hotels in Mombasa

Budget Hotels in Mombasa are classified follows:

  • The north coast Budget Hotels in Mombasa include; Royal Court Hotel, Castle Royal Hotel, Hotel Sapphire, Manson Hotel and Reef Hotel.


  • The south coast Budget Hotels in Mombasa include; Shimba hills lodge, Diani sea lodge, Neptune paradise village, Diani sea resort and Royal court hotel.

Why You Need To Choose Budget Hotels in Mombasa

Enjoying a vacation in Mombasa even with a small budget is possible thanks to Budget hotels.

Budget hotels are good for you. The best ones are located in the outskirts of Mombasa city. Most of them offer various services to tourist attraction sites. South coast is reachable using ferry services since it’s out of Mombasa Island. Using a ferry is a stirring experience as you cross the Indian Ocean.

Make the following mandatory as you book these hotels: a tour to the historic Fort Jesus, the Bamburi nature trail and the traditional coastal town of Malindi. Beach ball, sea fishing, boat riding and scuba diving are sensational sports that will make a lasting experience until you next visit to budget hotels in Mombasa.  Some Budget Hotels like The Castle Royal Hotel have refurbished art facilities which have made them a target for many.budget hotels in mombasa

Remarkably, inspiring and swish Budget Hotels in Mombasa have all it takes to make your vacation one to remember. The most exciting features are the affordable rates and the 24 hour online operation of these hotels. When is the next time you are booking yourself in one of this magnificent Budget Hotels in Mombasa?


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