The three-day event brings together fourteen pastoralist communities from the Northern part of Kenya.  The annual event is supported by the National Museums of Kenya, The Kenya tourist board as well as the country government among other sponsors.


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It’s an event that tourists get to learn about the various cultures from the tribes of this region.  There are the PokotOrma, Rendille, Gabra, SomaliBoranaSamburu, Turkana, El-Molo, Burji,  little know tribes of Dassanatch, KonsoSakuyer, Waata and Garee.  Their music, various types of arts, dances for various occasions, types of crafts are showcased making the event a spectacular attraction.


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Apart from engaging and learning about the various cultures, tourist can also engage in boat riding, camel riding, fishing or just enjoy Lake Turkana.  The sunset is a sight to behold, highly recommend.


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