Known to many and practised by those who desire and enjoy camping, hiking, mountaineering and other related recreations, lightweight backing gear is not a new concept. Since space and weight are always a challenge in such circumstances, it is advisable to make yourself as light as possible to reduce your weight and increase your mobility. To bring about the ease of mobility lightweight backing gear is an essential prerequisite. While purchasing the items caution should be undertaken and it is advisable to purchase from reputable companies.

Choosing the type of your lightweight backing gears             

Before deciding on the type of your backpack, you should be aware of where you are going to and what activity you are going to carry out. Different backpacks are designed for different recreation and camping activities, however, apart from the uses of the equipment all of them have a goal to be lightweight backing gear. The destination and geographical condition of the place you are going to visit will control the kind of backpack you are going to carry. You should research on your destination before embarking on your adventure so that you know the type of terrain and weather to expect. This will ensure you carry the appropriate lightweight backing gear.

Backpacks with enough room are ideal for long haul travels. Photo credit

When choosing the type of your backpack, you should also be aware of your level of experience in the activity you choose to have an adventure. There are gears for the experienced lot and for the non-experienced individuals. Choosing your experience level will ensure that you do not go beyond or below your capabilities. The kinds of companies or wholesales that you choose to purchase from should advise you accordingly. They should also give you the instructions required in the use and maintenance of the backpack gears.

The backpack that you choose should not interfere with your ability to walk, should be big enough to carry all your gear and it should bear the ease of putting on and taking off. At least, your backpack should be made of waterproof materials, especially if you are going to adventure in wet and cold conditions. Its size will enable you to backpack freely and easily and enjoy your adventure. After choosing the type of backpack, the most essential is packing it with the appropriate gear and equipment to ensure it remains lightweight.

Apart from having a light, fitting, waterproof and a big enough backpack as a gear, your adventure cannot be enjoyable if you stuff in non-favourable gear in the pack. Your lightweight backing gear should not just be light but effectiveness and visibility are added requirements. When choosing the backpacking gear, the emphasis is always put on carrying the simplest, lightest and safest kit possible for your trip otherwise; it does not deserve the name “lightweight.” Depending on the duration of your trip and the type of activities you intend to perform your research will give you a number of items and gears to pack on your back as you begin your trip. These added to even the consumable items like food and water will be all on your back as you adventure.

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The number one thing that will be inside the backpack is the rain shelter. Commonly people use tents as rain shelters. The type of tent that one chooses should be as light as possible to reduce the weight of the backpack effectively.

The sleeping material or system should be the number two gear in your lightweight backing. Its weight should also be reduced as much as possible to achieve the desired weight of the lightweight backing gear. The reduction in weight of the sleeping material can be reduced by using low amounts of fabric in its manufacture. With the low weight of the shelter and the sleeping gear, the backpack will be of a lower weight since these are the two main heavyweights in addition to the backpack itself. The other gears that will be contained in the backpack are of lightweight, however, care should be taken not to put many lightweight gears as they can overweigh the heavyweights and result to a heavy backpack.

They lightweight gears include the other essentials and a must survival kit. Instead of carrying a stove, making a fire in the adventure will reduce the weight. Alternatively, if you must carry a stove, then a lightweight alcohol stove can save the day instead of the heavy gas stove. The extra clothing should be kept minimal and the content of the first-aid kit should be kept minimal. The water bottles should be light plastic bottles instead of the heavy metal ones. The flashlight should also be very light but bright.


In addition to the gear, food and water are essentials for a trip and will form a major part of the backpack. Already cooked food is essential, as it will reduce the other requirement. A small hatchet and a pocket knife are essential in your gear, waterproof matches, sunscreens and some extra batteries for emergencies.

Benefits of the lightweight backing gear

Most of the benefits of lightweight backpacking are self-explanatory and needless elaboration, however to those who want to experience it for the first time it has more advantages. It comes with ease of walking and mobility since the backpack is light, easy to put on and easy to remove and give the opportunity to travel longer distances without worrying of a load on your back. The kind of foodstuffs carried among the lightweight backpacking gear also reduces the weight of the backpack since already cooked food is preferred. There is also less strain on the joints and muscles. You only carry the essentials and the most important leaving the unnecessary items to reduce the weight. In short, the lightweight backing gear is good for the body, the mind, the environment and its simplicity are good for everybody.

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It is about doing more with less. It allows you to enjoy your trip or adventure the fullest. It does not necessarily mean acquiring the best and most expensive gear but about having the best and lightest gear that allows you to walk faster, for longer and go further with comfort and with more safety. Acquiring a lightweight backing gear is a purchase that you will live to admire.



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