Suitable Camping Foods in Kenya to Look Forward to!
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Suitable Camping Foods in Kenya to Look Forward to!

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Being a destination for many campers, there are varieties of suitable camping foods in Kenya. Kenyan foods are mostly traditional and nearly all tribes in Kenya have a specific meal that they boast of as their staple food. Those who are planning for a camping trip to Kenya should not worry because of the many varieties of foods. The outstanding element of Kenya’s camping food is their flavor, which comes from the different ethnic traditions and different seasoning and tastes from different countries.

Where to find the suitable camping

foods in Kenya

In Africa and all over the world Kenya is one of the countries that receive high numbers of tourists and campers, thanks to the terrain, the coast and other features like the crossing of wild beasts in Mara River.5405_120x60 ExOfficio Logo - black

This has led to the development of the tourism industry to higher levels to serve the world demand. Among the factor that make tourists and campers to keep on coming to Kenya is the types of delicacies that they find while camping that are suitable to the kinds of activities and they do during the camping period.










The suitable camping foods in Kenya suits all kind of people from everywhere all over the world from children to adults, men and women alike.

Depending on the type of camping food that one wants, it is easy to settle for the type of food of your choice. There are different hotels and restaurants that provide Kenyan food; whatever these hotels and restaurants provide is no different and are thing that one is familiar with from home. Many of the suitable camping foods in Kenya are served in the Kenyan buffet style with numerous choices among cold, hot, meat and vegetable dishes. The suitability also increases with the type of accommodation and camping sites that one chooses.

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Because most Kenyan camping sites also exist in the rural areas, the foods will be available locally in your camping destination. The local communities may sell food or you may decide to enjoy the game foods available to you in the camping sites cooked with the method of your choice. The foods also vary with your camping destination, for example, several sea foods are available in the coastal regions, game foods are numerous in the game park camping sites while in the Lake Victoria region fish is the staple food and so there are numerous species of fish delicacies.

Types of suitable camping foods in Kenya

The first thing that everybody has to worry about while going for camping is the type of food that one is going to consume during the camping period. There are foods, there are suitable camping foods in Kenya, and one has to make a decision whether to go for the foods or for the suitable foods. The suitability of the camping food comes with the type of food, the activities involved during camping and the method of preparation. Canned foods may be suitable for those who are going for backpacking and camping while those who are going for seminars or workshops and camping may decide to prepare their own food while in the camp.

The preparation method may make a camping food suitable and enjoyable. For example, camping foods cooked over a campfire while people are heating themselves may be enjoyable and that makes it suitable. Sitting around a campfire alone is enjoyable before one decides to judge whether the food suitable for camping. Other preparation methods include camping foods cooked using foil wraps, meat camping foods and chicken camping recopies.

As much as the camping food should be of the favorite type and prepared using the suitable method, making the food suitable when it is not nutritious is almost important. Suitable camping foods in Kenya are nutritious and they provide the required nutrition to the campers all through the camping period. Bended to the types of activities that one may perform while in camping, nutritious foods are required to ensure that the lost energy is reclaimed. These may include drinking plenty of milk. Milk is in plenty almost all areas in Kenya and accessing it while in the camp is very easy. Other nutrition focus foods are the fruits, vegetables and meat.

Planning for Suitable Camping Foods in Kenya

Camping has many activities from making the tent to putting on the sleeping system. It there’re require the kinds of food that one ill not only enjoy but will also make the person remain healthy and energetic all through the camping period. The hotels and safari lodges that provide camping tips, guide and facilities always advice that for the suitable camping foods in Kenya to be appreciated it must be accompanied with a balanced diet that include all the mealtimes. The breakfast may not be a concern for many, but to kick the day off even a small amount of food will do better, may be a toast, a cereal or a muffin. Camping activities will dictate what you take for your breakfast.

Lunch just as breakfast may not be a concern for many but in the same manner, the activity will dictate. If you are hiking and exploring or if you are boating you may require constant supply of nutrients and water do prevent dehydration. The lunch for a hiker in Kenya may be some sandwiches or eggs accompanied with hotdogs or burgers and plenty of snacks and water. Beverages and energy drinks are also important to carry for your lunch.  The dinner meal for camping night should be just as the usual dinner at home with plenty of nutritious and energy giving foods. In the camp there is a special food called “around the camp fire at night.” This food forms part of the camping fun and should be full of fun including winning, roasting meat, eating chocolate among other fun bringing foods.

Kenya is a destination for many campers and tourists who enjoy the food. Enjoying the Kenyan camping trip is considered complete if you can only enjoy among the many suitable camping foods in Kenya, just how long you are going to enjoy the foods is the question.

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