Backpacking Kenya is a Real Breathtaking Experience

Backpacking Kenya is a Real Breathtaking Experience





Backpacking Kenya is a fascinating journey. Kenya is a world-renowned African destination famous for its rich wildlife and stunning natural wonders. Kenya budget travel offers a chance to experience a wealth of cultural and natural wonders in this beautiful country. This is a home anyone can enjoy adventuring,

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Backpacking in Kenya-Destinations

Kenya is an idyllic destination with beautiful sceneries with many exquisite places for attraction sites that are breathtaking. The sceneries include the lovely sunset in our parks, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, The Great Rift Valley, beaches, springs, just to name but a few. Mombasa and the Coastal towns have exquisite beaches considered “heaven on earth!” There are innumerable fun activities on the beach like beach sports such as beach football, volleyball, or even running wild! There are a number of beach hotels conveniently located next to these beaches.

In the Mara, sunset is an exquisite phenomenon for a great tour experience; here you can see the Great Wildebeest Migration in large numbers at sundowner. The Mara has lovely scenery which is also romantic, thus being ideal for tourists who want to have a quiet time as well as a reflection time. It is such a breathtaking sight to behold.

There are a number of mountains in Kenya which you will enjoy staring at during backpacking Kenya and are of paramount importance to the eco-system and even wildlife. Besides mountains, there are hills and highlands. These places have a number of hotels, lodges and campsites where tourists can stay during their tours.

This is one of the world’s greatest experiences and quite a number of our parks are green and beautiful with some even having waterfalls well designed for the backpacking Kenya guests. TOP DEAL_Top package deals of the week

Also to note is that, during your tour in Kenya, the Best sellers include Maasai Mara safaris with local Maasai guides, relaxing beach holidays in Lamu & the Kenya coast, & Mount Kenya climbs. Travel through the Great Rift Valley & visit Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru & Bogoria, Samburu & Buffalo Springs, or visit outstanding community based safaris in Amboseli. Our Kenya holidays include small group and tailor made safaris, walking safaris plus volunteering holidays enabling you to get closer to the people & wildlife of Kenya.

On this adventure you will discover its numerous travel destinations like deserts, mountains, vibrant tribal culture, beaches, coral reefs and to add more flavor to the backpacking Kenya journey you will meet Africa’s best wildlife attractions. Travel to Kenya and explore one of the finest landscapes, from Kakamega’s rainforests to Indian Ocean beaches, Maweni beach cottages in Tiwi where fresh seafood is served every morning at doorstep by the local fishermen.

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Most popular Kenya sightseeing attractions in backpacking Kenya comprises of desert in the north, and The Rift Valley where evidence of protohumans was first found which is also a home to Hell’s Gate National Park. Also visit the famous spots in Southwestern Kenya such as Mt Kenya National Park, the Maasai Mara that offers some of the best wildlife viewing safaris in Kenya. Depending on your time and budget restraints, you can include a range of Kenya attractions in your vacation package.

During your adventure you will meet with a fascinating cultural diversity with around 40 different ethnic groups, the major Kenya tribes include the Kikuyu farmers, the Turkana fishermen and the Samburu warriors, and however, the most famous are the red-clad Maasai. If you want an adventurous travel, Kenya is your ideal destination.

Backpacking Kenya-What to Pack

You should always put it in mind what to pack for a successful tour considering a number of factors like hobbies. The following are the most important during this great adventure; Lightweight clothes in neutral colors Comfortable, sturdy walking shoes and sandals, Swimming costume, sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen Camera, spare film, batteries and binoculars Warm jacket and raincoat for rainy season and cooler days.

You need to pack a swimming costume and beach gear, including spare towels. Sunglasses, sunhat and sunscreen are essential all year round. Finally, don’t forget to pack your camera plus extra batteries, film or memory card. A pair of binoculars is also a good idea for bird spotting during your backpacking Kenya tour. These items will help to make your experience in Kenya unforgettable.

Backpacking Kenya – Fast facts

There are a number of factors you should be very sensitive about during the adventure and one of them is currency, the Kenyan shilling (KES) Intro, backpacking sites, what you will enjoy in Kenya, -wildlife, natural features, weather, Beach and b hotels, curios, African culture,

Dialing Code 254 cost of backpacking. Other factors are how you will travel around during Backpacking. Get note of the Kenyan airports namely:  Jomo Kenyatta Nairobi International Airport Moi Mombasa International Airport Eldoret International Airport.


Backpacking kenyaThe country is well served by an extensive bus network that takes you around almost anywhere in the city but the most popular means of local transport are Matatus (minibuses). These have become a part of Kenyan culture and are very much preferred by the locals. Taxis are widely available and convenient mode of traveling around the city and commonly used by the tourists coming here. The taxis are not only comfortable but they are also fast. Therefore, you will hardly lack transport means when you want to backpack across Kenya.

To put into consideration also during backpacking Kenya is the climatic status of the country; coastal area is warm and humid, the central highlands are temperate, and it is both hot and dry in Kenya’s north and northeast regions. Rainfall in Kenya is seasonal with most rain falling between the months of April and June and shorter rainfalls occurring between October and December.

Backpacking Kenya is one of the world’s most popular experiences with a good reason and no wonder always loved by many all over the making it a place worthy calling the world’s meeting destination, a place worthy calling home.

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