Five low budget adventures while in Nairobi

Five low budget adventures while in Nairobi


The fact that one is on a low budget does not mean that one cannot have fun and enjoy a weekend full of adventure.  Some activities will cost you very little or nothing at all and still be so much fun that you will engage in the activities very often.

Low budget adventures one may engage in while in Nairobi

1.   Take a walk around Central Business district (CDB)

Nairobi offers you several historic building that is a great attraction for both locals and international adventure lovers.  They include the Nairobi Gallery that used to be the P’C offices on Kenyatta Avenue.  On the opposite is Kipande house that is now a Kenya commercial Bank branch, used to the registration centre for African working in the colonial Nairobi.  (To collect their Kipande’s hence the name).

A few meters down the road are Cameo that was built in 1912, and then there is Macmillan library and not forgetting the various monuments that are within the city of Nairobi.  Being around the city will not only offer you historic buildings and site but also an array of shopping experience from the various shopping stalls within the various streets that adorn all kinds of items a majority of whom are imported from various countries like Dubai, China, neighboring Uganda and even as far as USA and the UK.

2.  Go shopping at an open air markets :- Gikomba, Toi market, Maasai Market 

This is an experience that will have you experience Nairobi at first hand.  One gets to sample the various artifacts from the various tribes of Kenya.  Gikomba and Toi market on the other hand offers one an experience of Kenyan’s enjoying and sampling cheap second hand clothing’s that are imported from various countries worldwide.  Do not be surprised when you come across that second hand Prada designer handbag at one of the stalls in the open air market.

Nairobi Low budget adventures

3. Low budget adventure :- Picnic within the walking parks of Nairobi (Karura, Uhuru Park, Arboretum

Just pack your picnic basket, and drive to the Karura forest, the park charges a minimal cost for both locals and international visitors.  A walk around the park will have you enjoy nature, sample the 50metres high water fall, visit the pretty valley and not forgetting have a lovely picnic in the park.  One can also sample the Uhuru Park, which is about twenty minutes walk across the city.  The park is well maintained and frequented by the locals especially on weekends.

4.  Attend an exhibition at the various shopping mall (Sarit centre, Ukay centre, Yaya centre, K.I.CC)

Most of the exhibitions in Nairobi have not cover charge.  Why not enjoy an afternoon sampling and interacting with exhibitors.  Exhibitions are of all kinds from Weddings, art and culture, Iranian, Turkish shopping experience, Nairobi fashion week you name it.  Who said that going for one these exhibitions is not adventurous and fun?

5. Visit the National Museum

When was the last time you visited any of Kenya’s museums?  Visit the National museum that is located at the Musem hill overpass road and get to enjoy the various Kenya’s rich heritage.  There are various museums in across Kenya with Nairobi hosting the headquarters, Nairobi Snake Park, Nairobi Gallery, Karen Blixen within Karen area as well as monument sites like the Olorgesailie along Magadi road where one can also enjoy a camping weekend away from the city.
The next time you are in the Nairobi and would like to have fun, do not hesitate to enjoy your stay and for the local don’t just stay at home, enjoy your beautiful country, and have as much fun as possible within your low budget adventures while in Nairobi.


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