Do you Need to Make a Day Trip In Nairobi?
Day trip in Nairobi

Do you Need to Make a Day Trip In Nairobi?


Ooh! If that’s the case, then this is the right place to be.  Nairobi has many unforgettable exciting places where you can visit during the day. Whether you are at the outskirts of Nairobi or you are in the heart of Nairobi you can make various day trips within a day because these beautiful sceneries are not located far from the city centre. These sights attract both the locals and the tourists from abroad. Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and has really developed being the largest between Cairo and Johannesburg, and so you can be sure that it has several attractive places to tour.

Day Trip in Nairobi to the National

Museum of Kenya

Day trips in Nairobi are very easily accessible because there are available taxis to carry you to and fro, and their charges are fare as it is not far from the city centre. One of the places to visit is the Nairobi National museum. It is located within the city whereby you can walk or drive from the city centre, situated at museum Hill. Visitors come here to see the Kenya’s heritage, mainly its history, nature, art and culture.

Day trip in Nairobi

This includes the animals, birds, Kenya’s tribes, paintings as well as skeletons showing how man evolved. There are also other attractions outside, whereby you will find a botanical garden, snake park just within the compound. You can take several hours and have fun exploring Kenyan life; there is a museum café and shop all to cater for your needs.

Bomas of Kenya :- Day trip in  Nairobi

One can also enjoy a day trip at the Bomas of Kenya if you are a fun of culture and traditional dances. It is located in Nairobi and it is such an exciting place where all the 43 Kenya’s ethnic groups are represented through music, dancing, songs and acrobatic as well. You will get to know the diverse cultures that Kenya is made up of. This homestead is built in a spectacular original traditional African home just like the ancestors built them. Apart from the Bomas of Kenya there is also the Nairobi National park. This is an amazing park which is frequently visited by tourists with rhinos as the major highlight in this park. This day trip is worth touring because you will get to see many animals like the lions, zebras, rhinos and giraffes among others. You can not afford to miss out on this park whereby you will get a chance to feed giraffes at the same eye level.  The staffs in the park educate and encourage one’s interaction with the animals. One can take a taxi to this place or ride on a Kenya Wildlife Service bus for a cost.

Shopping for gifts during a day trip in Nairobi

Do you need to shop for curios?  Visit the city market. Other places to visit include the phoenix theatre, Nairobi races, national theatre and parliament buildings among others. While on your day trip in Nairobi, apart from carrying packed lunch for your self, you can as well buy food at various eating spots like the Carnivore restaurant or Simba restaurant among others. Meat lovers will enjoy the international standard prepared meat in these places. Enjoy life, and plan for a day trip in Nairobi Kenya.

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