Backpacking Watches

Backpacking Watches


Are you going on a trip? Well, Backpacking Watches are the ideal watches. They are waterproof and are made of stainless steel. They are mainly used for sports activity and outdoor adventures. These watches come in different types, shapes and sizes. Here are some of the popular types of the backpacking watches which you should consider while going on a trip.

Types and Features of Backpacking Watches


Waterproof Snap Watch 2 SM

These waterproofs Snap Watches are 6.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inch, have translucent waterproof barrels and brighter colors. They are matched up with 8 different climbing rope bands and are also 100% waterproof. They come with a two year warranty, so incase of any damage you can always have it replaced at no extra cost.

The watch is perfect for all sporting activities. The watch is waterproof and can be used in swimming, water skiing and other water sports. They are unique and improved to fit your kind of outdoor activity.Snap backpacking watch

Timex Unisex T5G841 1440 Sports Digital Resin Strap Watch

The 144o sport digital resin strap watch with dimensions of 3.9 x 3.9 x 2” is the ideal for the outdoors. With a chromed steel case and red resin bezel, the watch can handle both long runs and swims on weekends and the hot barbecue afterwards.

Backpacking watch

Timex watch: - ideal for backpacking trips

Its features include:

• Case diameter measures 34 mm

• Quartz movement

• Strong mineral crystal protects dial from scrapes and scratches

• Digital-gray dial; Stainless-steel case; day date and month functions.

• Waterproof to 165 feet which is 50 Meter, so no need to worry you can go swimming, or ski.

• 1 year warranty but not for strap, battery, band or crystal

Golden Classic Women’s 2174_purple “Sporty Jelly” Skinny Purple Silicone Digital Watch

• Golden classic 2174 are a skinny silicone digital watch which ideal for everyday watch. This watch came with bright colors to choose from, several funs, you will definitely be able to match each one to your clothing. Its features include:

Backpacking watchThe highest standard digital quartz movement

• Rectangular case covered in jelly band- incase it fall it is hard to be damaged

• It is good in Sport digital watch

• Waterproof to 33 feet (10 Meters)

• Purple slender silicone jelly expansion band

 Advantages of Using Backpacking Watches

Waterproof; while using these watches you are not limited to the water depths. You can swim, scuba dive, and even do water rafting without any worries.

The stainless steel case makes the watch rust proof and long lasting. The beautiful design of this timepieces perk up your confidence hence ensures your success on profession as well personal level.

 How to Care For Your Backpacking Watches

Always avoid exposing your watch to steam, water or any other forms of moisture, if it is not a waterproof.backpacking watches

If the lens happen to gets damaged, make sure to replace it immediately to avoid damaging the module.

When your battery get depleted, replaced it on time. The meticulous type of battery is indicated on your case back.


Backpacking watches are the ideal watches for adventure activities.

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