A Backpackers Excursion on a tight Budget

A Backpackers Excursion on a tight Budget


It’s that time of the year again when we cannot wait to leave our work places and head out for a four day backpackers excursion.   Since the beginning of the year you’ve been toiling so hard, to a point that the Easter holiday almost slipped your mind.

Your financial status does not assist either.  Nevertheless, you need to pamper yourself with a blissful and memorable tour within Kenya.  If only to forget about work and hassles of everyday life.  In this way you get to strike a balance between your professional life and personal.  Breaks help one get in touch with his or her inner self.  You see, a fun weekend really helps one in more ways than we ever expect. The only problem is that you are on a tight budget.  How then does one manage?   Is it even possible to have a fun backpacker excursion for the price of just below  ten thousand Kenya shillings (Kshs. 10,000)?   The answer is yes.

Backpacker Excursion to Mombasa

One of the destinations you would consider is the Coastal City of Mombasa.  The city is referred to the city of fun translated as Mombasa Raha by the Kenyan community.  The city is known all over the world for it magnificent sandy beaches, historic sites, museums, different cultures and variety of places to visit.  Considering you are on a tight budget, there are several ways to ensure that your little cash fetches you the best fun the monies can offer.  You can:

1.       Invite friends and share the cost of accommodation, food and transport

2.      Talk to a friend at the Coastal town who may accommodate you

3.      Look out for cheap and safe transport and accommodation

Transport from Nairobi

One of the safest modes of transport is the Rail. The Kenya Railway offers passenger trains to Mombasa every Friday and Tuesday.  Trains depart Nairobi for Mombasa at 7.00pm and arrive the following day at 9.00am.  Dinner is served during the safari that is paid for at an extra cost.  You may also order a glass of wine to mark the beginning of a fun weekend.  Beddings are provided for those in the first and second class couches.  You can actually sleep through the trips ready for the much awaited fun in Mombasa.

The other alternative is taking the bus.  This is the most popular mode of transport to many Kenyans as it takes lesser hours, however the ratio of safety as compared to train is not comparative.  The cost of a ticket one way is about Kshs. 1,000 to 1,500/-.  It is advisable to book early as most people would be traveling considering the four day Easter break.

Finally you may gang up with like-minded friends and pool your resources.  Fuel one vehicle and ensure that within the group there are at least two drivers or more.  This is because the safari from Nairobi to Mombasa is approximately 500 km hence taking about seven to eight hours on road.  It is important that the designated driver gets help and that he or she does not indulge in alcohol while driving.  This will ensure safety on the road.

Backpacker Excursion Activities In Mombasa

Once at the coastal town, there are plenty of places to visit.  These include:

  1. Fort Jesus
  2. Old Town
  3. Gedi Ruins
  4. Haller park
  5. Night clubs and Casinos located within the Island
  6. The beach front at various hotels.

Where to stay: A variety of accommodations are available within the coastal town.  These include backpackers hostels that include dorms, private rooms.  Backpackers may also camp a few campsites available within the city.

Finally no matter how tight a budget, always ensure that your backpacker excursion is one you will enjoy and one that will stick to the budget.

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