Holidays in Nairobi, the Real Trio Adventure

Holidays in Nairobi, the Real Trio Adventure


Holidays in Nairobi have a great deal more to offer than you might expect. If you would love to explore Africa then you better not miss out on these coming holidays. Find out the highlights of Nairobi with city breaks from the dazzling architecture, great museums, top cafés and shops – there is a lot to explore in Nairobi.

Nairobi- the capital city of Kenya- is a well liked destination for many. Tourists from all over the world really love to visit Nairobi and in fact most of them start exploring Africa at Nairobi. It is amongst one of Africa’s largest and most interesting cities. It is a place of vast energy, a tireless and booming hustle and bustle of people, and a city of diversities. Mixed races, tribes and origins are all a part of its make up.

Holidays in Nairobi, What Else Is There worth your spends?

Rural migrants are drawn by the hope of getting wealth and utilizing the opportunity, international entrepreneurs are interested in money-making business visions, and tourists are assured of the creations of the perfect trips. All this is done throughout the year and this holiday season is the best time to relax and enjoy your vacation in Nairobi.

Whether you are looking for the buzz of city centre or the serenity and calm of an urban retreat, there is help for you to find the right holiday package. All you have to do is enjoy yourself

Holiday in Nairobi

Places to Visit for Holidays in Nairobi

Giraffe Centre

This is an area where giraffes are well kept for tourists to have an encounter with them. You can feed the giraffes and even kiss them. It is always good to learn more about animals and children really enjoy it. It is located in Karen 7.6 km away from the city centre. They are so friendly and beautiful.

Kazuri Beads factory

As the name suggests, Kazuri (good) Beads factory is a place where each and every bead is well made out of clay by artisans in a manner that you can’t afford to lay your eye off it. It is situated near Karen Blixen House and coffee gardens 1.3 km from the city. The sales rooms set out a lovely day.

Nairobi National Park

It is the first spot after the airport. It is some how unique to view giraffes and zebras with the scenery of town skyscrapers and the airport control tower. At this place you will see lots of buffaloes, antelopes, giraffes, gazelles, lions, cheetah and rhino. The presence of Athi river waters avails hippos and crocodiles. Bird species also enjoy the breeze from the trees.

Holiday in NairobiCraft and market centre

Nairobi has great craft shops and markets including Utamaduni craft centre in Karen.

This is a big house with almost 15 arts and craft shops where you can get hand-made decorated ceramics jewellery.  Good clothes and fabrics are always available for shoppers.


Nairobi National Museum

It is the booming brand for national museums in Kenya. It showcases Kenya’s rich Heritage with the distinct themes representing Kenya’s Nature, History, Culture and modern art. There is also a snake park with most types of snakes. It is located on Museum Hill 1.6 km away from the city and shopping and dinning facilities are always available for you in the wing.

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Is Eating Out During Holidays in Nairobi Possible?

You will always find time in Nairobi for a meal before the departure of the late night flights back to your home, so, why not identify a nice restaurant? Carnivore the famous restaurant is near Wilson airport incase you are coming from the parks. In Karen, there are nice known talisman, rusty nail and other authentic Indian restaurant.

In addition, Nairobi is the safari center of Africa and a nice base for travel in Kenya. From here departures and safaris can be arranged to any of the national parks or reserves in the country.  Spending Holidays in Nairobi is must have experience for everyone.

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