How to stay safe while backpacking in Kenya

How to stay safe while backpacking in Kenya


The festive season is here and a majority of us are planning to go for a holiday, how to stay safe while backpacking in Kenya needs to be top of the list.  Whilst planning takes the chunk of the entire trip, it is paramount that one is well vast with safety precautions that are suitable for your backpacking trip in Kenya.   A majority of the city dwellers across the entire country shall be either embarking on a trip upcountry to visit loved ones or go on a holiday.  Whatever the plan is staying safe is a must for all travelers.  We highlight several pointers that are essential for backpackers.

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backpacking in Kenya

Kenya offers travelers a lot of places to visit.  As a backpacker, it is advisable to know where you intend to stay.  A majority of the backpackers will first land Nairobi at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, stay for a while in Nairobi and then proceed to other towns and cities in Kenya.  Find out what activities that will be involved on your trip.  This will enable you be able to pack suitable gear for hiking, camping, the walking trips as well as game drive that characterized with most parks located across the country.

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How to stay safe while backpacking in Kenya: – Keep your Guard

Whilst your backpacking trip is meant to be one that you enjoy, having fun should at not any one time make you not keep your guard.  Be on the lookout for anything that may compromise your safety.  Instincts too should not be belittled; it could be the only thing that saves you and fellow travelers from an accident or misfortune.    Stick to the town or city bylaws to avoid being in trouble with the authority.  For instance smoking is prohibited in public areas, before you can smoke find out from your host or the attendant at the hotel or café of the designated smoking areas.

Additionally ensure that you avoid areas that are considered unsafe for tourist.  This applies to parks, city streets, shops, accommodation locations etc. The rule of the thumb is keeping your guard up!

Insurance is a must: How to stay safe while backpacking in Kenya

Travel insurance is a must have for anyone entering Kenya.  Having travel insurance will not only offer you peace of mind for any misfortunes that may occur during your travel.  Your cover should cover you on losses, theft, health and even delays that may course you to miss your connecting flights.

Getting Lost: How to stay safe while backpacking in Kenya

Being a backpacker getting lost could be expected especially when in news towns.  In the event that you get lost, then avoid looking lost.  Keep you calm and avoid being frantic.  If your are lost go to the police if they are nearby, this may include the traffic police located at major roads in the cities like Nairobi, patrol police who are always patrolling the streets, you could also ask the locals but be careful who you ask and ensure that you do not attract the help of strangers that insist to show you where you would like to go.

How to stay safe while backpacking in Kenya: – Travel like a local

Dress like the local.  If traveling at the coast, wearing the Khanga for ladies or the Kanzu for the men will enable you blend in with the locals.  You could also buy t-shirts that have got Kenya’s flag and slogans that are familiar with the locals.

What you do this season, ensure that you are safe.  Join us on face book page and like to have more tips and reviews on how to stay safe while backpacking in Kenya.


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