Business and backpacker travel while in Kenya

Business and backpacker travel while in Kenya


You’ve been sent to Kenya for a business meeting or trip and intend to prolong your stay for a few days or a week, why not plan to embark on a business and backpacker travel at the same time?  This is especially so, for those going on a short business trips and intend to have some fun at the end of their business agenda.  We highlight several factors to consider while planning for that business and backpacker travel while in Kenya.


Duration of travel: Business and backpacker travel

while in Kenya

Depending on the time one will spend for either business or on the planned backpacking trip.  If the business trip is a short one, say five days, it is advisable to decide your color theme of the week, this will enable one to pack fewer suits and one pair of office wear shoes. One color tone theme will enable one to pack more tops and or shirts that match with the suits as well as shoes.  Black and Grey suits go well with black and brown shoes.   Additionally, pack multipurpose casual wear that one can utilize during your backpacker trip.


Consider the weather: Business and backpacker travel while in Kenya

Kenya’s weather is characterized by hot sunny seasons as well as cold and rainy seasons.  This therefore calls for careful considerations on what to pack while traveling for your business and backpacker trip.  Depending on the weather and season, pack light clothes for the hot seasons.  This will also be handy for the backpacking trip after your business trip is over.  Carry multipurpose tops and trousers that are casual and can be used during your travel to your business trip and would also be used for the backpacking trip.

Business and backpacker travel

Light clothing is especially suitable for those traveling to coastal Kenya as the weather is hot and humid.  Packing sandals and comfortable hikers is also advisable for those beach walks and mountain climbing and treks.

At the end of the day your packing should very much suit the weather and activities you intend to engage in while on your business and backpacking trip.

 Mode of travel: Business and backpacker travel while in Kenya

Your mode of travel will determine how to pack.  If using public transport, then backpacks will come in handy for both trips this is business and backpacking trip.  However a suitcase would be suitable for business trips.  However if one is driving within the country on a self drive, then packing your boot with a suitcase and a small backpack for your day needs is equally practical.  Most public transport vehicles in Kenya are fairly comfortable enough and will offer space to pack up luggage. Business and backpacker travelThere are economy airlines that fly Nairobi to several other towns that are great attractions. Most business conferences or workshops take place in the capital city of Nairobi, and other towns and cities like the coastal city of Mombasa, and the Great Rift Valley towns of Nakuru and Naivasha.  Any business trips that are within these towns will also double up as great backpacking destinations.  The mode of transport is mainly by road.


Finally pack up any personal facilities like drugs, first aid kits for those planning to experience camping tour.     Others items on your packing list should include a flashlight/ torch, Swiss-army knife, a camera with a rechargeable battery, a good binoculars is ideal for those intending to visit the parks for great game viewing.

It would be great to note that most camping gears can also be available in most convenient stores where one can purchase.  Join the kenyatalii community to get more information on backpacking tips, advice and reviews of various kenyan locations that one may visit.  It is also worth noting that one can also hire camping equipment from various outlets for that Business and backpacker travel while in Kenya.


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Business and backpacker travel

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