Backpacking Travel for couples –Romantic Holiday

Backpacking Travel for couples –Romantic Holiday


Backpacking travel for couples need not be a tedious experience.  It should be a romantic holiday for the couple.  We draw attention to the various pointers to look out for that are a must have and will guarantee you and your loved one a spiced up holiday that well deserved romantic holiday.


Backpacking travel for Couples:

Planning and timing

Involve your partners in the planning of the entire trip.  This will enable you pick out suitable places and also agree on the budget allocation for each items and destinations.  By both of you getting involved became the beginning of your holiday.  Having the two of you looking forward for the holiday, can equally be some additional spice to the romance.

If you are planning to visit Kenya for your backpackers couple travel, it is advisable to outline the activities you intend to undertake while in Kenya.  For those planning to visit the coastal region, August is the best time as the weather is moderate, neither too hot nor too cold.

  • JanuaryFebruary: This are the hot months.  Very ideal to visit Kenya and experience the coastal beaches and get a tan as well enjoy romantic walks at dawn and dusk.  Swimming is also ideal for this season.
  • March –May: This is season is characterized by rain in mid march while May is the low season and most hotels are not jam-packed. Although the rainy season can be limiting in terms of travel and activities, it is a good time to visit the great rift valley lakes especially Lake Nakuru as the pink flamingos are in big volumes at the lake.Backpacking Travel for couples








June to October: This season is the peck season of the tourism industry.  A must visit during this season is the Maasai Mara is the home to the wildebeest migration.  This is one of the world events that you will live to remember about you backpackers couples trip.

  • September –October: If you are a couple that loves to hike, then this is the most ideal activity during this season.  The season is dry and has short rains too.
  • November –December: This is the busiest season locally as it is the festive season.  A majority of Kenyans take time off to experience.  All activities are ideal for backpacking holidays.

Massage oil and a bubble bath– Backpacking Travel for Couples

Pack small packs of message oil.  There is nothing more exiting and romantic than getting that massage after a long day hiking or walking through the park.  The thought alone is nostalgic, what about the massage?  It’s a little something to the holiday that may be the only thing that you live to remember about the trip.  The other alternative would be to book yourself and your loved one for a massage and just unwind.  A message surprise for your loved one will equally have your romance holiday set in motion your loved one.  If possible pack some candles too.Backpacking for couples

Nairobi has several body spas’ that offer full body massages that does wonders to the body.  Some spa’s also offer reflexology and traditional Indian and Chinese massages.


Stick to your Budget- Backpacking Travel for couples

Your holiday would be pointless if after the trip, you are left with debts to settle.  No matter how big or small you budget may be, it is important to ensure that you stick to the set budget and make the best of it.  Ensure that your money works for you.

Finally ensure that you have fun and take sure that you’re Backpacking Travel for couples trip to Kenya will be one that will cherish. For up to date articles, tips and reviews, join kenyatalii community newsletter.

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