Women Backpacker safety tips for Kenya
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Women Backpacker safety tips for Kenya


More often than not there has been an increase in the number of women who travel either as a group or as solo travelers.  On this article we focus on women backpacker safety tips for Kenya.  Most towns in Kenya are relatively safe and hence several safety precautions if taken into account will not only leave women travelers safe but also remain as a memorable trip to Kenya.

Road State: Women Backpacker safety tips for Kenya

Most roads in Kenya are in a fairly good state.  The Kenya Government is rehabilitating most highway roads that connect to most major towns.  However there are still bad roads that are yet to be rehabilitated.  Most roads leading to most resorts and national parks are not very goods although the Kenya wild service has also ensured that they rehabilitate the roads within most parks, which means that for most roads are bearable especially during the dry season.  The bad roads may be impassable during the rainy season.Women Backpacker safety tip for Kenya

It is advisable for all women backpackers on a self drive to ensure that one is aware of the state of the roads ahead of your trip.  This will enable one plan well in advance in terms of the car condition and also the car type.

For most Kenyan roads it is advisable to use a four wheeled (4×4) vehicle.  This is especially paramount for traveler who intend to adventure off the main town and into the parks like the Masaai Mara.

Women Backpacker safety tips for Kenya: Be attentive

Some of the most important tips for women in Kenya are paying attention to their surroundings.  Ensure that you look around and be aware of your surroundings.  Avoid acting aloof especially on busy streets where on may not be able to identify a carjacker or even a thief waiting to strike.  Additionally ensure that your car is park at well light parking lots designated within most Kenya towns.

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Women Backpacker safety tip for Kenya

If on the highway park at petrol stations or shopping malls where most buses and matatu stop over for either pick up or for passengers to relax before proceeding on their journey.  The Nairobi-Nakuru highway that is the gateway to the Great Rift Valley has several of these while the Nairobi-Mombasa highway has a major stop over at Mtito Andei and Voi.

In case of an attack? Women backpacker tips for Kenya

Whilst all precautions are taken into account, one cannot rule out the possibility of being attacked by carjackers, thieves or any other emergency tragedy that may occur during your travel within Kenya.

  • Pepper spray works:  Keep it within reach, if there is chances of using it on your attacker, then, use it! Self defense skills will also come in handy in case of an attack.
  • Act fast:  In the event of an attacker, consider fighting back, running for safety or just owning u.  In Nairobi, most carjackers will only insist on taking away valuables and in some cases the vehicle.  Cooperating with the attackers could save your life, hence make your decision on the best way to act in the event of an attack, comply or fight back.  In either case, ensure that you have checked out any chances of an escape route.
  • Finally for as long as your traveling in kenya ensure that you remain safe embrace our tips on women backpacker safety tips in Kenya they will definitely be useful as you traverse our beautiful country.


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