Tour to Kenya -Car Safety Tips

Tour to Kenya -Car Safety Tips


The recent terrorist activities across the world has left most travelers worried of their safety while on a tour to Kenya-car safety tips.  Kenyatalii highlights top car safety tips that should be helpful to both local and international travelers within Kenya.

Tour to Kenya-Car Safety tips:

(Map out your destination)

It is advisable for any traveler to at least have an idea of the location they are driving to. Technology has become part of travelers worldwide.  Kenya is no exception, use Google maps to navigate your way around especially while driving an application that is available in most Android phones and tablets.

In additon, carry a hard copy map as not all locations are on google maps app. One can also make enquries of  next destination, this will enable one  be mentally prepared on the distance, and estimate the time you may get to your next stop.

tour to kenya-car safety tips

Pick out areas that may be safe this include 24 hour fuel stations, bus stop over’s where many travelers gather en-route their destinations.  Kenya has a lot of this stop over’s where long distance buses stop over for passengers to purchase refreshments or just to answer a nature call.


Tour to Kenya- Car Safety tips

(Stay Alert)

  • Learn your environment especially if you are in a new environment.  While approaching your car ensure that you’ve got the car accessible i.e. near reach.  For ladies avoid having your car keys tacked away in your handbags, searching your car keys next to your car may attract any hooligans that may intend to attack.  Make sure you’ve got your keys on your hands.

Once in car, have all your cars doors locked.  Nairobi and other Kenyan cities experience carjackers and you do not want to be a victim.  However should you experience a carjacking situation, do comply with the carjacker as most of them are only interested in your valuables and in some cases the car too.

 tour to kenya-car safety tips

Pack your valuable safely: Valuable items such as wallets, hand-bags, laptops, camera etc, are a major attraction for theft.  This is especially rampant in Nairobi city and other cities and towns especially at back streets where police rarely frequent.   It is also of paramount importance to park your car at familiar areas.  Do not park at dark and poorly lit streets.  Ensure that you can easily inspect your surrounding before parking and while parking.

Tour to Kenya -Car Safety Tips


  • Emergencies can easily spoil a good holiday and or on a safari to KenyaEnsure that you have got all the necessary emergency numbers.  In Kenya, there booklets on sale that are readily available for tourist listing all emergency numbers that are necessary for travelers.  This can also be obtained from your travel agent on request and also at most airports on arrival. In-case one does not have the booklets, visit any police station along your way and assistance will always be offered. 


Safety Centre:  There is a safety and communication centre that is operated by Kenya Tourism Federation that offers travelers information to tourist.

Details as follows: – Source: Kenya Tourism Federation website:

  • Operates on high Frequency (HF) radio network on three dedicated emergency frequencies namely: – 10650 kHz (USB), 5853 kHz (LSB).
  • ‘Tourist Helpline – 6004767 or 020 2679838‘, which is dedicated to receiving emergency and incident calls. Two mobile numbers, 0738617499 and 0722745645 further enhance this capability.
  • Control Room: Manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by qualified personnel. The federation has a secondary base station in Mombasa manned 24 hrs and currently housed by Southern cross Safaris MSA and their contacts are 041 475074, 473533,474950 alternatively one can contact our coast security officer Mr. M Muriithi on 0722745644.

Whilst Kenya Governments ensures that all travelers within her roads are safe, it is of importance that all travelers on a tour to Kenya -car safety tips embrace all the highlighted tips.

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