Tours to Kenya
Tours to Kenya

Tours to Kenya


The holiday season is fast approaching.  Most families are either planning or have already come up with a destination for these years’ vacation. At Kenya talii we encourage those at the planning stage to consider Tours to Kenya as the country has so much to offer.

Historic Sites-Tours to Kenya

Kenya’s history can be found in almost every part of the country.  From the capital city of Nairobi, to the Far North in Turkana.  There are numerous historic sites within the country that can be part of visitor’s tours to Kenya.  They include:-

Lake Turkana: This is where follies of the origin of man were found here and are expected to be over 2.6 million years ago.

The town of Malindi:  The presence of the Portuguese in this town is well represented by the Vasco Da Gama pillar that was built by the explorer who visited the Kenyan coast around 1948.

The Fort Jesus: Built by the Portuguese in early 1950’s, the fort Jesus is a world heritage site.  It was built for protection use by the Portuguese from the Anglo Arab invasions. Today the site is a major tourist attraction while the Kenyan coast.

Nairobi’s heritage:  The city is a host to many historic buildings.  The buildings depict the history of Kenya from colonial days.  They include the Jevanjee Garden where the first agricultural show took place in the early 1900.  Then there is Kipande house which today is home to Kenya Commercial Bank Kenyatta Avenue was the registration center for African working within the colonial Nairobi. Tours to Kenya - Heritage Buildings Further down the road is Cameo Cinema which was the theater Royal and was built in 1912, The west minister building, Macmillan library and the Jamia Mosque.

Tours to Kenya, The People

Kenya is home to 42 tribes.  They are Bantus, Nilotic, and Cushitic who are mainly nomadic in nature. The main language is Kiswahili as the national language.  English is the official language.  Kenya has also a significant number of Arabs, Asians and Europeans as well as people from other African counties that live here.  The culture is equally diverse within the several tribes and groups.

Tours to Kenya Rhythms

The rhythms of the people of Kenya are another major attractions to visitors.  Music is a way of life among a majority of Kenyans.  The drum is a major feature instrument in most tribes.  There are also a variety of dances that are characteristic with most tribes like the Maasai, Turkana where jumping is part of the dancing.

Tours to Kenya

Samburu Dancers

The bomas of Kenya is a suitable location where one can experience the various rhymes of Kenya.  Located about one kilometer from the National Park, visitors are can indulge to a variety of traditional songs.  There are traditional homesteads that display the ways of life the various tribes.

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Tours to Kenya Souvenirs’

As you travel around the country ensure that you collect some gifts for your loved one back home.  There are a variety of shopping areas where one can shop for great Kenyan gifts, that include the Hotels, curio shops within most towns, as well as designated African markets that commonly referred to as Maasai markets.

Souvenirs while on Tours to Kenya Nairobi city several Maasai markets (an open air market where African artifacts can be purchased.  Souvenirs include handmade items that vary from carvings, musical instruments, the kiondo which is a hand woven basket that can be adored with different types of material from sisal, banana leaves, nylon strings, the kikoy a cotton cloth that is dyes in different colors and partners as well as the Kanga, also known as the lesso.


A recommendation from the Kenyatalii family, take tours to Kenya and enjoy your holiday.

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