Vacation to Kenya-Coastal Town of Malindi

Vacation to Kenya-Coastal Town of Malindi


The famous town of Malindi is our vacation to Kenya destination.  The town is not only a great tourist destination that boasts of great paradise beaches but is also rich cultural and historic attractions. It’s a great location for scholars as well as tourist visiting the location.

Vacation to Kenya-Malindi Attractions

The small town is located approximately 100kms from Mombasa city.  Visitors can get to Malindi via public transport that has the regular buses and matatus (mini vans).  A majority of the hotels and cottages within this town have got transfer services from Mombasa.  One can also fly to Malindi airport that has got daily flights from Nairobi and Mombasa as well as Lamu.  We list several Malindi attractions for anyone on a vacation to this part of Kenya

Portuguese Chapel-Vacation to Kenya

Believed to be the first church in Africa the Portuguese chapel is one of the smallest historic chapels.  The chapel was built in the 15th century. It is the burial site for two Portuguese sailors.

Vacation to Kenya

Vasco Da Gama Pillar in Malindi

Vasco Da Gama Pillar

This historic pillar is located along the seafront road very close to the jetty.  It is believed to the only historic African monuments and is gazetted under the National Museums of Kenya.  The pillar was built by Vasco Da Gama an Portuguese explorer as an appreciation to the Sultan of Malindi who welcomed him into Malindi.

Arabuko Sokoke Forest: This is a native forest and is believed to the largest within East Africa.  Arabuko Sokoke covers 420 kms and is located within Malindi and Kilifi districts.  The flora and fauna at this forest to vast and a major attraction to both the locals and tourist. Activities at the forest include sighting of rare mammals, there is a huge army of bird species and more that 260 butterflies species at this great indigenous forest.  Tourist can also organize picinics, hikes as well as tours within the forest from the Kenya wildlife service and forest department.

Vacation to Kenya -Malindi Beaches, Watamu Marine Park and Gedi Ruins

Away from the historic sites and into the white sandy beaches of Malindi.  The Watamu and Malindi Marine parks are a great visit.  At the parks, one is in a able to see coral reef gardens, multi-colored fishes, sea grass beds as well as snorkeling, glass bottom rides and swimming.

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Vacation to Kenya Gedi Ruins are the remains of an abandoned town in the 13th century.  The Gedi Ruins is assumed to have been abandoned after receding ocean water washed-out all the water from their wells.  Although this is not documented, a real reason why the Gedi Ruins was abandoned is not really known to date.

Other attractions –Vacation to Kenya

The town of Malindi has quite a lot to offer and one can never get enough of the various locations.  In addition to the above, there is the African Curio Market where travelers can shop for a souvenir.  There is Hell’s Kitchen that looks different from all sides.  Finally there is the Mambruai Town located after the Sabaki River.  This is a 15th century town.  Whatever you do during your vacation to Kenya ensure that you have had a share of this great town.


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