Vacation in Kenya –A visit Guide

Vacation in Kenya –A visit Guide


You have finally made up your mind on your Vacation in Kenya.  The family is excited and everyone is looking forward to a holiday in Kenya.  These articles will briefly highlights three  circuits that are must visit  while in Kenya.


Vacation in Kenya at the Maasai Mara

Vacations in Kenya The Maasai Mara is re-known as the 7th wonder of the world.  The Mara as is commonly known is home to the Great Wildebeest migration that take place every year between August to October.  Millions of animals are on this great migration if only to survive crossing the mara river.  The site is spectacular as one gets to watch the millions off wildebeest and Zebras migrate and addition get to be close to the wild animals that include the big fives.  It can be both chilling as one watches lions, leopards and cheaters hunting and get hold of their prey.  Get to learn about the Masai people that share the land with the maasai migration.


Coastal Vacation in Kenya

For those intending to enjoy the beach, then the white sandy beaches at the coastal town of Mombasa is your ultimate destination.  The city is accessible by public transport –bus, or by flights that land at various locations with the Moi International Airport being the main airport in the city.  Other landing bays includes small airstrips for holiday makers going to Lamu and Malindi that further from the city of Mombasa. The weather in Mombasa is hot and humid and can be a little uncomfortable for first timers.  Ensure you pack some sunscreen for you and your family. The Swahili language is widely spoken here.  A recent visit to the island proved to be one of the most existing vacations we have taken in 2011.

Vacation in Kenya The streets a relatively safe although there are occasions where there has been some theft especially at back streets.  While at Mombasa ensure that you have visited the Fort Jesus which is one of the Unesco’s World Heritage sites of 2011.  A walk along the old town lets you see one of the most interesting architecture.  The buildings are old as the name suggests with several curio shops along the streets.  The streets are narrowly built similar to the ones in Lamu.  A part from the coastal town of Mombasa there are other attractions that include Lamu, Malindi and Watamu, south coast and north coast that equally will offer holiday makers a great vacation.

Nairobi’s Vacation in Kenya

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and is your entry point into Kenya for those that are from abroad.  Most flights will first land Kenya via the Jomo Kenyatta international airport.  Nairobi is the only city in the world that has got a national park within it.  A visit to the park is a must have on your tour of Nairobi where one gets to enjoy the abundant wildlife that is within this park.  This includes the huge array of birds, big five animals of the juggle, picnic sites and camping site within the park.  There is also an orphanage for those that may not want to venture into the extensive game drive within the park.  In addition there is a hotel and the Nairobi Safari Walk that is breathtaking.

Further from the National park is the leafy suburb of Karen that consists of Karen Blixen Coffee Garden and Cottages, the Karen Blixen Museum is well re-known for the Out of Africa film that was filmed here.  Then there is the giraffe centre where one can experience feeding giraffes at close range and at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where orphaned baby elephants are offered shelter.  TOP DEAL_Top package deals of the week. The trust is open for one hour daily between 11am to 12pm.

 Great Rift Valley Vacation in Kenya

Vacation in Kenya The Great Rift Valley is host to the Lake Nakuru that is home to the pink flamingoes.  These circuits offer one great sites that are amazing.  These include the Lake Naivasha where one can enjoy a boat ride, Lake Bogoria that is host to the hot springs, Lake


Baringo that is home to the hippos, crocodile as well as great hotels within the Great Rift Valley circuit. Vacation in Kenya

For those that love camping and hiking and then the Hells Gate national park and Mount Longonot need to be part of your itinerary for this circuit.  Finally having a great vacation in Kenya is a must for all holiday lovers.


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