A Kenya Safari to the Masai Mara

A Kenya Safari to the Masai Mara


According to my friends, a Kenya safari to the Masai Mara signified the beginning of a great four days.  Masai Mara has been named one of most favorite places to visit in Africa.  Situated within the Great Rift Valley and is the northern continuation within the vast Serengeti Plains in Tanzania.

The wildlife is not only abundant here but is normally seen within the vast savanna grasslands that cover most of the Masai Mara.  The Mara is home to huge number of species, there are over 550 species recorded.

The Wildebeest migration Kenya Safari

The extraordinary wildebeest migration of over two million wildebeest, gazelles and Zebras that make the Masai Mara extraordinary.  This is the major attraction every year.  During the migration there has the highest concentration of lions in Africa.  The leopards are still tough to spot but cheaters are fairy abundant.

Kenya Safari The communities that live around the Masai Mara are the welcoming Masai community.  The eastern part of the park at River Telek has a high concentration of game and predators.  We watched three big lions tear apart a buffalo.  Our eyes must have made the lions uncomfortable as the all moved t huge buffalo away.  May be they sensed that we would not have mind a piece of the game meat if only to enjoy in their well deserved feast they were having.  Since the eastern side is closer to Nairobi, there is high concentration of tourist.  Every tourist clicking their cameras and everyone wanting to get the best site and shot of the wild animals, it can be a bit annoying especially when one is missing out on the fun.  It is advisable to have a powerful camera one that can doom far enough to catch the best shots for your memoirs.

Overview of the Masai Mara Kenya Safari

The North West side of the park is a bit further and less frequented by tourist, it can be difficult to drive here especially during the wet season. A steady off road vehicle is a must.  There are fewer tourists on this part of the park and lots of game.  We came across a baby cheater who wanted to sit on top of our car hood.  The migration does not only bring along predators but also brings scavengers as well, and lots of them that include hyenas and vultures.

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Each one of them land on the wildebeest carcass in groups. On this day the hyenas get their fair share of the wildebeest and immediately they leave, the vultures land on the carcass in 10’s then 20’s and the number keep increasing.  The seemed to fill the entire sky area.  They appear from all corners, we all wondered where they had been hiding all this times awaiting their turn to feast.  A hundred meters away and we find this huge lion camouflaged and lazing in the thick dry savannah grass. He yawns right in front us, at this point my hairs are all up! I have never seen a huge lion this close!  Luckily for me he gets bored of our faces and walks deeper into the thick grassland.

Kenya SafariThe get to the Western part of the park, one takes significant effort to reach.  This side has huge termite mounts that are perfect for cheaters to lie on. We came across a mother and her four cubs.  Within minutes the mother spots an antelope and off she starts her hurt.  She is not one to be deterred, she make her precious kill and returns to their base where her cubs were patiently waiting.  This was a great day for mother cheater and her cubs a feast was in the offing and they would survive several other days.

Kenya Safari -Wildebeast at the Masai Mara The Southern Western (Mara Trample) part of the park between the Mara River and Tanzania side of the Serengeti, our guide advices us that this is the best part to watch the wildebeest cross the Mara River.  After four hours of waiting we finally see the wildebeest cross the Mara River.  On this day, all the wildebeest get to cross and the crocodiles do not have such a lucky day after all.   TOP DEAL_All-Inclusive Hotel Sale_Save up to 55%. However I must admit that crossing the Mara river is a great spectacular event for the tourist to watch, but as for the Zebras and the wildebeest, it a dreadful affair.  In the river are the crocodiles waiting patiently for a huge catch, on the other side are the lions patiently waiting to catch a meal for day, and leopard hanging on top of trees, and the cheater camouflaged in the short grass while the scavengers waiting for the trampled ones for their feast to begin.  The thought was chilling enough and off course memorable.  In December the rain return to the Serengeti and so does the migration begins again.

Finally ends-Kenya safari to the Masai Mara

We come to the end of our day four at the Masai Mara, having experienced the worlds’ most famous wildebeest migration of the Masai Mara.  The park never falls silent as there a spectacular landscapes of the wildlife year round and always an adventure in the horizon.  Whatever your plan, make sure that part of your trip while in Kenya take you on a Kenya safari to the Masai Mara


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    The Masai Mara is a great place with wonderful, extraordinary beauty. And I have seen it is not even that expensive to visit the place. I’ve already started planning to go there.

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