In Kenya, when one thinks of a vacation, a budget family road trip is top of mind. This is due to the fact that road transport is the most affordable for most families in Kenya.

A road trip should not be boring. Even if it’s just one of those trips to visit your parents upcountry, it is important that your family enjoys these trips. After all, it might be the only time that you get to spend time with your family away from your busy schedule of work or business.

The question to ask is how can one enjoy a memorable budget family road trip?

Most Kenyan families may only take a road trip once in a year during the festive season, (Christmas holidays) to visit family and relatives.  However some may be lucky to take a family holiday after a whole year of saving for the holiday. Despite many families not having much to spend, a family trip needs to be coupled with fun and excitement. Ask your children to participate in planning for the trip, they will love sharing heir grand ideas!

For that memorable budget Family Road trip, you need some tips: –

  1. Take that family vehicle for servicing. Change your oil, test for lights, and refill your all fluids before getting on that road. Ensure that your tires are in good shape, the air pressure and any leaks need to be checked too. There is nothing boring and scary like having your car stall in the middle of nowhere.
  2. Get a map of where you are going especially if this is this the first time on that route. Find out from friends and colleagues that might have taken the trip before. This will give you a feel of the road, people and what to expect especially for your children.
  3. Ensure that you have extra car keys. Sometimes mishaps happen, and your beloved children could just lock your car keys inside. Not having an extra key!!, I can only leave that to your imagination.
  4. Your car needs to be sparkling clean at least before you leave. Off course you do not expect it to come back that clean. Especially if you are going to the wild, or upcountry.
  5. Is your insurance up to-date? Don’t be a liability to your family and other motorists. Be safe.
  6. Ensure your driving license is renewed If your spouse drives, let them have their driving license renewed too. It will be useful to assist each other on the road. It can be fun too!
  7. It would be advisable to have a baby car seat incase of young children. Nonetheless if you can’t afford one, have you spouse sit at the back with the children to check on safety and attend to them.


Packing can be tricky especially if you are packing for yourself, the children and your spouse. Before starting off, make sure you check the weather forecast in order to know the kind of weather to expect once on holiday. You can check up to ten days weather forecast for various destinations in Kenya.

Generally you will need may take the following into account:-

  1. Pack a change of clothes for your children while traveling. In-case they mess their clothes, have some in a small bag you can carry with you in the car.
  2. For every long trip, packs some snacks for your children. It can be very frustrating and it kills the fun, to have children nagging because they are hungry.
  3. You can prepare sandwiches, sausages or any dry snacks that are a favorite to your family.
  4. If your children are very young, carry soothing music to help them concentrate. It can be difficult to have your child seated for long and concentrate.
  5. For older children, carry toys or games that are car friendly. This may include cards, story books that you can read in turns and make it fun.
  6. Create as many games as possible during the trip. You will not realize that the trip has covered so many kilometers.
  7. Even the most polite and innocent children can misbehave during trips. It is not easy for them to cope with being seated in the car for long distances. Take short stop-overs at fast food restaurants, or common stop over areas like Mutito Andei on your way to Mombasa, and let the children stretch.
  8. If room allows, you can create a simple picnic for the children. Let them participate on the activities they would like to engage in at each stop over. For toddlers and infants, take them for a walk and cuddle them to calm them down.

Finally, if your children need the bathroom on the road, try the hotels and restaurants on the road. If in major town, use the supermarkets like Nakumatt that provide bathrooms within their stores. Kids can be very nagging especially if they have to go now, ask politely at any petrol station, bus pack or hotel for assistance. A lot of people will understand your plight.

Enjoy your memorable budget family road trip and remember to make it as unforgettable as possible!!

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