All Inclusive Holidays in Kenya

All Inclusive Holidays in Kenya


All inclusive holidays in Kenya entail that one pays a package amount of money that covers most of the services during your travel.  This may include transport, accommodation and all meals.  In this article we highlight the various factors to consider when booking for that all inclusive holiday.


What your all inclusive holidays entails

Most travel agents have different all inclusive holidays. Before you can commit your monies and spend it, ensure that you understand what the package entails.  Some all inclusive holidays may include transport, activities, accommodation, and meals but may not include park fees for places to be visited.   In the south Coast of Kenya, most hotels will offer all inclusive packages, meaning that all meals are taken from the hotel, and most of the activities are within hotel and it vicinity .

Why book all inclusive holidays?

  • Cheaper:  Packages are always cheaper compared to one off buys.  In some cases, you will find packages that offer added activities as a bonus for booking.  Ensure that you find a package that offers you bonuses that may include a drinks, a free ride to the airport, or just a fun activity for your children.  These may be the only thing that your entire family will remember about the holiday.
  • One off payment:  Since most all inclusive holidays are paid for in advance, they turn out to be safer and more convenient for most families as one does not need to carry too much extra cash.  It is good for people on a budget as they can start paying early and not feel the pinch of spending a large sum of money for their holidays.

Extra spends- All inclusive holiday

Before you can finally decide on your holiday, make sure that you find out how much extra’s your package entails.  This will enable you budget for any extra needs that will arise during your travel especially where children are involved, extra cost is a must consider.

All Inclusive holidays Type of accommodation-All inclusive holidays

It is of importance to enquire and ensure that you are clear on the type of accommodation your all inclusive package entails.  Some packages will entail three or five star hotel accommodation on full board while other will prefer camping in luxury tents.  However depending on your family needs it is advisable that you know what type of accommodation your travel agent will book.  Ensure too that your family is comfortable with the kind of accommodation within the holiday package.

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Type of Transport-all inclusive holidays 

Finally our last consideration for our all inclusive holiday will be the kind of transport that the packages entail.

Open Roof Van

For Kenya, it is important that you are aware on the transport mode, some packages will entail an open roof van (which is the approved mode in most parks), and others will entail open roof trucks. The latter may not be very comfortable for children.  Most importantly make sure as you book that all inclusive holidays that the package offers you value for your money.


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