Important pointer while on Air Travel

Important pointer while on Air Travel


For a majority of the travelers coming into Kenya, air travel is one of the main modes of transport.  There are several airlines that operate within Kenya for both local and international air travel.  This article points out a few safety measures that any traveler should consider while on air travel.

1.  Consider the air travel fare

It is important to consider if the air fare is within your budget.  Planning early will enable you get a best bargains.  Most airlines will always have discounted packages; it is therefore suitable that one considers the packages available. Most packages are for a short period, try using them.  These will safe you some monies. Also ensure that you compare several airlines for the same route in order to get the best price in the market.

2.  Find out on the air travel regulations

Most airlines have more or less the same travel regulations and restrictions that may include the luggage weight, avoiding liquids, hand luggage and much more.  Find out on what are the regulations and restrictions on the airline you choose to travel on.Air Travel

3.  Your Air travel schedule

Make sure that if you are going to having any connecting flights, ensure that your arrival time offers you amble time to catch your connecting flight.  For those landing Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, and taking a connecting flight within the country.  Ensure that you enquire from your travel consultant or planner on where to board your next flight. TOP DEAL_Top package deals of the week. There are two airports in Nairobi that include the Jomo Kenyatta International airport that is the entry point to Kenya and Wilson Airport that is home to most local flights that include Maasai mara, Mombasa, Lamu and many others.

4.  Air Travel Crew Attendants and Safety

As you board your flight, ensure you pay attention to the crew attendants on the instructions.  The attendants will sometime sound boring, however most of the information that they will offer may become very useful in the event of unexpected occurrences like crash landing.  It is also important that as you board your flight, take notice of the entire emergency exists around you.  Counting how many rows are ahead and behind prepares offers one good mental preparedness in the event of an emergency.  Also make use of the emergency instructions manual that airlines have at the pouch in the front seat.

Air Travel Plan your air travel early

There is nothing that can be more disappointing than booking your flight and then missing it due to lateness.  It is advisable for traveler to ensure that one checks in early, and arrives at the airport on time.  Most airlines located in Kenya offers online checking-in systems and also allow for early checking-in meaning one can check-in during the day for an evening flights hence making it easier and faster for travelers.  Arrive at the airport at least 2hours before takeoff.

Finally, before leaving the airport, get some exchange currency that one can use for taxi hire on arrival.  Most airports have got a bureau where one can exchange their cash to the local currency of the destination country for air travel passengers.


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