Travel tips while on Round trip Kenya

Travel tips while on Round trip Kenya


Traveling on a round trip Kenya can be one of the most rewarding activities in your life.  Having fun definitely comes on top on your to do list.   In this article, we pick out several tips that one needs to look for while on holiday.

Budget round trip Kenya – Use

hostels for accommodation

Next time you travel on a budget use hostels for accommodation.  Most hostels are not as fancy as hotels however most of them are comfortable enough for a good night rest.   Most hostels in Kenya are referred to a guest houses.  They are mainly on bed and breakfast basis although travelers are allowed to choose if they wish to have breakfast or not.

Round trip Kenya

Be friendly to other travelers-Round trip Kenya

You may travel round Kenya with strangers.  Most budget trips include a group of traveling all with one agenda: – travelling round Kenya and having fun.

Whilst for a majority of us making friends is a difficult affair, it is advisable that travelers create new friends as they travel though.  Some friendships may last a life time and add more memories of your well deserved vacation.


Take care of your valuables-Round trip Kenya

Valuable in this case include, money, your passport, your bank cards and any other valuable item that may be in your luggage.  It is important that travelers avoid carrying large sums of monies.  Across Kenya most hotels, camping facilities and hostel will accept visa cards for transactions.  Ensure that you research in advance to know the mode of payment for each location hence minimizing the amounts of monies that you may need to carry.  Additionally, do not leave your valuables lying around your room.  Most hotels will offer you a safe, please make use of it for your valuable.
Sample some nightlife-Round trip Kenya

Round trip kenyaAlmost all towns in Kenya have got a unique nightlife.

Nairobi the capital city is abuzz over the weekends, most nightspots are interesting places to visit, especially if you enjoy a drink or two toped up with a night of dancing.


Some nightspots have a live band where one can sample Kenyan culture.  The same is replicated across the country.

Avoid back streets –Round trip Kenya

Even as you sample the nightlife of Kenya, it advisable to avoid most towns back streets.  A majority of them are dark or poorly lit, may not have any police patrol therefore making them highly prone to crime.  Travelers are therefore advised to avoid back street especially at night as they may be attacked.   Whilst you enjoy the various towns and cities around Kenya, ensure that you have directions to your hotel, camp or hostel wherever you may be staying.  You wouldn’t want to enjoy an evening of fun and then get lost in the many towns and or cities of Kenya, looking for our direction back to your accommodation facility.
Check the weather:

As you pack for your vacation, ensure that you pack the right clothes for Kenya’s weather.  Different locations have different locations.  Generally, Kenya is a warm country although there are cold and wet seasons.  TOP DEAL_Top package deals of the week Some regions like the central parts, parts of rift valley a very cold during the night it is therefore important that one carries warm clothes.  The coastal region of Kenya is generally warm with December –February being the hottest season of the year.

Round trip Kenya

These lists is not all the tips that you may need as you take your vacation, there are many more that one can add to the list.

It is of paramount importance that a round trip Kenya be fun, memorable and a well deserved holiday for all type of travelers.


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