Honeymoon Ideas for couples on a Budget
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Honeymoon Ideas for couples on a Budget


A honeymoon  first and foremost needs to be fun.  It’s a time for the couple to enjoy their space after months of planning for their wedding.   However not every couple can afford a luxurious honeymoon.  In this article we list honeymoon ideas for couples on a budget.

1.Budget Safaris- Honeymoon

ideas for couples on a budget

Kenya offers travelers variety budget safaris that couples can explore.  From the Jomo Kenyatta international airport, in Nairobi one gets the opportunity to enjoy the city of Nairobi.  There are a lot of accommodation facilities that couples can book and just enjoy a simple happy time on a budget.  Backpacking too can also be for honeymooners after all, it’s all about the two of you.  Honeymoon ideas for couples on a budget

Within the city of Nairobi couples can adventure into the Nairobi National Park, which is home to the big five. In addition enjoy the bomas of Kenya and have a feel of the people of Kenya.

At the giraffe centre get to feed giraffes at close range, visit Karen Blixen Museum, the Museum of Kenya and finally end the day by sampling Kenyan food available at major restaurants like the Carnivore Restaurant located along Langata road.  For couples that love parties, sample the Nairobi nightlife that is normally a buzz with activities at pubs, bars and night clubs.

2. Road trip- Honeymoon ideas for couples on a budget

A road trip is another idea that couples on a budget can explore.  The trip may entail one hiring a self drive car that can cost about Ksh. 3,500/- per day (USD 40-50) or choose to use public transport that include buses and matatus (min vans). The latter is definitely cheaper.  A road trip to the coastal town of Mombasa cost between Kshs. 1,500 and 2,000 (USD 16-30) one way.  At the coastal town of Mombasa transport within the island is via tuk tuk’s, three wheeled taxis, and matatu’s.

For a couple on a budget exploring the city of Mombasa is a definite yes.  There are heritage sites that include, the Fort Jesus, the white sandy beaches, backpackers camping sites, hotels and guest houses where one can enjoy self catering which is an adventure in itself. Parks where couples can enjoy a game drive and get to see the wildlife of Kenya.  This include the Shimba hills national reserve, Tsavo East and West as well as islands that couples can visit like Wasini, Kisite Mpungute, the Mombasa marine park, elephant sanctuaries like the Mwalunganje elephant sanctuary located in Kwale 45 kilometers from Mombasa city.Honeymoon ideas for couples on a budget

Within the rift valley of Kenya there is Lake Nakuru National park, Lake Baringo, Lake Bogoria where there are hot springs, Lake Nakuru home to the pink flamingoes, Mount Longonot where couples can enjoy a hike up the mountain an array of restaurants for couples to enjoy good foods, affordable accommodation and of course a lot of fun on a budget.  Other parts of the country like equally have a lot of fun places that couples can visit and enjoy while on a budget.

3. Going Camping: Honeymoon ideas for couples on a budget

Camping as a couple with the Maasai Mara, the rift valley or on the beach is a great budget idea.  From the packing process to setting up the tent, to self catering and creating fun games to engage in will definitely make your honeymoon be a memorable one.  If you have a tour guide, ask them to list various activities that couples can engage in.  This may just be a walk to the community and getting to interact with them.  Such walking safaris are available in the Maasai Mara where one gets to interact and learn and appreciate the Maasai culture.  At the Northern frontier, get to enjoy a camel.  If your honeymoon falls in the month of August when the annual Camel Derby takes place in Maralal, then you have yourself a treat of this spectacular event. Honeymoon ideas for couples on a budget

For those that do not want o have too much luggage, then you can hire tents, beddings, cooking facilities and all necessary materials from various tour firms that specialize in hiring of necessary materials.

Enquire from your travel guide on where you can hire the facilities.  Equally, Kenya has good store that store good quality facilities for camping that you may donate to charity after the honeymoon such you not want to carry them back home.

What ever you decide to engage in as a couple, the ultimate goal should be enjoying your honeymoon and making it as memorable as possible.  Ensure that you get to research for as many Honeymoon Ideas for couples on a Budget and ultimately get the kind of honeymoon you’ve always desired.


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