Kenya Travel and Safari

Kenya Travel and Safari


Kenya one of the five East Africa countries and one of the most visited locations within the region is a must visit for anyone venturing to this region for holiday, honeymoon, family vacation or just for a budget holiday.  The vast array of wildlife and white sandy beaches makes it a life time adventure as you venture into a Kenya travel and Safari.

Kenya Travel and Safari – Nairobi City

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya.  The only city in the world that boast of having a national park.  The Nairobi National Park is indeed offers an unforgettable Kenya travel and safari to tourist.  For the international visitors / tourist, a valid visa of at least three months is required.  In addition to the National park is the Bomas of Kenya, the Giraffe Centre where visitors can enjoy the fun of feeding giraffe at close range. Kenya Travel and Safari

Central and Rift – Kenya Travel and Safari

Further away from the city of Nairobi, is Central part of Kenya is very close to the city.  A majority of the central Kenya residents that work in the city live in the countryside of central that include Thika and Kiambu.  Further in are Muranga, and Nyeri. Central Kenya is famous due to the Mount Kenya a favorite for a majority mountain climbers and hikers.  The mountain has permanent snow at the top making it an attraction to both the local and international travelers.  The region is rich in hotel and accommodation that cater for a wide array of budgets. 

From the Mt Kenya region we head into the rift valley that is famous for its lakes some of which have been named the UNESCO world heritage sites of 2011 namely Lake Bogoria, Lake Nakuru and Lake Elementaita all that are located at the rift valley.  The rift valley of Kenya offers visitors a memorable holiday, as it is also home to the 7th wonder of the world the Masai Mara where visitors get to enjoy the Great wild beast migration in the months of August to October.  In addition, the big five that include buffalo, lion, elephant, rhino and the leopard are just but a few of the wild animals that one will enjoy on a safaris within this region.

To add to the fun that traveler experience, there is the Amboseli National reserve that border Kenya and Tanzania.  From the Amboseli visitors are ushered to the view of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Kenya travel and safari –The Coast

Here the region is characterized by white sandy beaches as it home to the Indian Ocean.  The weather here is humid and hot.  The best time to visit is August as the weather is moderate. The region is Islamic dominated and you will encounter a big number of locals dressed in black shawl that covers women from head to toe known as the bui bui while their male counterparts will be dressed in a white or cream robe known as the Kanzu and a kofia.Kenya Travel and Safari

The coast of Kenya is magical in its wide variety of adventures that starts from the north, south and the various islands that include lamu, watamu, wasini just to name a few.

The Tsavo west and east national parks is equally a great attraction that is home to a huge number of the big five.  Additionally there is the Shimba Hill national reserve that offers visitors a break away from the beach a favorite for a majority of visitors to the Kenyan coast.TOP DEAL_Top package deals of the week

The Lake city of Kisumu

Located in the Western region is the lake city of Kisumu that is host to Lake Victoria.  The lake borders the three main East Africa countries that Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.  The fresh water lake is rich in fish life.  The main activity by the local is fishing.  While here ensure that you get to experience the city life in Kisumu and off course sample their sample food of ugali and fish.  Ensure you especially taste the Nile Perch. 

In conclusion, a trip to Kenya will definitely be worth every coin saved.  For honeymooners, budget travelers, regular tourist or if one is looking for new destination, then choose to Kenya Travel and Safari and it will be one of the most memorable holiday that you will have experience in recent time.

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