Kenya Travel and Safaris –Ten Fun things to do while on Holiday

Kenya Travel and Safaris –Ten Fun things to do while on Holiday


Having fun while on holiday in Kenya is a must for me.   In this article we shall highlight several ways one can enjoy their Kenya travel and safaris which will include the activities one may engage in.  Whilst this list is not final we would encourage our readers to add up to the list of fun things to do while on holiday.  While at the beaches of Mombasa, or in the wild, there are tons and tones of fun activities that one can engage in

  1. Kenya travel and safaris Bonfire

A typical Kenyan style for a bonfire is to have music, roast some nyama choma, play games round the fire in some case have story telling session and just enjoy the stars and the outdoors.  This can be done in beaches where bonfires are allowed and at camp-sites.

2.      Have a picnic Kenya travel and safari

Most campsites and or beaches are ideal areas where one can create a picnic site.  Carry your picnic clothes, carry the foods and or snacks and create fun while at the beach or in the wild.  This includes areas like the public beach in Mombasa, walking forest like the Karura forest and Ngong forest in Nairobi.  Across the country there are ideal places to visit and have a picnic.


3.      Kenya Safari and Travel –Fishing adventure:    A fishing adventure is said to be with us for a long time.

4.     Writing messages on the Sand-Kenya Travel and Safaris

Visualize taking a safari with your loved one and sending them a love message using the sand.  A lot of couple hasKenya Travel and Safaris proposed to their loved one at the beach by writing messages on the sand.  Ensure that you take photos of the messages that you could use in the future or just make sure that the memories are everlastingly.


5.      Take a walk within the park –Kenya Safari and Travel

Several parks have got walking trails where one gets to enjoy the nature, and in some parks the trails lead one to viewing areas like in the case of Saiwa Swamp where one gets to spot the rare aquatic antelope known as the sitatunga.


6.      Photography Kenya Travel and Safari

While a camera is one of the items that one need to carry while on travel to Kenya, taking photos can be a fun experience.  Photos of nature are nice souvenir and memoirs of the your well deserved holiday.

7.      Play Rope-Kenya travel and Safaris

Engage your children in playing rope or just flying a kite.  The fun is in the engagement.  Your children will live to remember the holiday when mum and dad played rope or fly the kite with them.

8.      Shop around the park or the beach Kenya travel and Safari:

Most parks have got several curio shops where one can shop for gifts for yourself and your loved ones.  If you are at the beach, shop around the beach where there are several little shops that stock a variety of items.

9.     Kenya Travel and Safari- Visit any site around the park or the beach: In most parks in Kenya have a historic site around them where holiday lovers can visit. This may be a museum.  In Mombasa where one can visit the Fort Jesus and still enjoy the beach.

Kenya Travel and Safaris

Heritage sites to visit

10.  Just Relax Kenya Travel and Safari: Finally don’t do anything.  Just sit and relax.

Where ever you go in Kenya, create some fun away from the routine and you can rest assured that your well deserved holiday will be one to remember.  A repeat of your Kenya Travel and Safaris will definitely be in the offing.

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