Travel Tips -Budget Holiday for Mombasa Beach Lovers

Travel Tips -Budget Holiday for Mombasa Beach Lovers


Traveling to the white sandy beaches of Kenya’s coastal town of Mombasa is always at top of mind for a lot of beach lovers.  While most people may expect that this should be an expensive affair, we highlight several tips that will ensure that you have a splendid budget holiday for Mombasa beach lovers.

Budget Holiday for Mombasa Beach Lover- No Entrance fee

A majority of accommodation places within the beach will not charge for residence.  However,  should you be staying away from the beach and need to visit the beach, then it would be advisable to visit beaches that do not have an entrance fee for guest.  The Mombasa Island have a vast variety of such beaches, where one can walk along the beach, interact with the locals, purchase some souvenirs from the local vendors while enjoy the breeze from the beach.  On such beach is the Bamburi hotel, Yuls sport bar at the North Coast just to mention a few.

Avoid the crowded beach –Budget Holiday for Mombasa Beach Lovers

Whilst the public beach is free to the public, we can also guarantee you that the beach is equally crowded. This is especially so during the holiday seasons that includes weekends and public holidays.  Choosing a less frequented beach will make guarantee one fun although there may also be a few activities within less frequented beaches.

Budget Holiday for Mombasa beach lovers

However for fun one needs to create activities to engage in as there is more room for activities such as volley ball, jogging and any other games that you and your friends or family may want to engage in.  A less crowded beach is cheaper for traveler on a budget.

Budget Holiday for Mombasa Beach Lovers- Readily Available Transport

Choose a beach is a close to where you may be staying.  One may also choose beaches where transport is readily available.  In Mombasa, public transport is available within the island.  The cost is at a minimum of Kshs. 20/- i.e less than $1.   Visiting a beach that is close to your accommodation means that you will not need to spend on the bus fare or taxi hire hence saving the monies for more important needs like water, food and accommodation.TOP DEAL_Top package deals of the week

Self catering- budget holiday for Mombasa Beach Lovers

Budget Holiday for Mombasa Beach Lovers Self catering means that you get to cook all your meals.  This reduces your expenditure.  It is also an adventure in itself.  Self catering is very interesting especially among family members as the children get to participate while experiencing the beach.  It could turn out to be the only thing that children get to remember about the entire holiday trip.

Budget Holiday for Mombasa Beach Lovers: – Account for Emergencies

In this case emergencies may not only include accidents but also unforeseen expenses.  Ensure that you carry a first aid kit to avoid spending monies on consultation or medications while on holiday.  This is ideal for minor injuries that may occur during your many activities at the beach.  Ensure your car is well serviced and your insurance is up to date.  Also find out any garages that all enlisted with your insurance company within your area of visit just in case your car experiences mechanical problems.

Shopping locally:- Budget Holiday for Mombasa Beach Lovers

For all your needs while on your budget beach holiday to Mombasa, ensure that your shop within the local markets.  This will offer you fresh foods that are cheap and readily available.  Visiting the open air market within Mombasa is equally an adventure.  The city too has several supermarkets that stock a vast array of items that one need not carry from home or from Nairobi.  Ensure that while on holiday you make the best of your budget holiday for Mobasa beach lovers.

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