Round Trip Kenya

Round Trip Kenya


In this article, we highlight the various areas to look out for while on a round trip Kenya.  Kenya is divided into eight major areas that include: Nairobi, Central, Nyanza, Coast, Western, Rift Valley, Eastern and North Eastern.

Round trip to Kenya in Nairobi

Right from Kenya’s international airport, Jomo Kenyatta, one is welcomed by a spectacular sight of lovely bill boards that denote what’s in store for you while in Kenya.  The airport is a beehive of activity being a hub for the region.  From the airport there are a variety of accommodation facilities that range from high class hotels, apartments, guest house, hostels, budget hotels each of which suit every travelers needs.  .

While in Nairobi, your trip needs to include the following: The Nairobi National Park and orphanage, here one enjoys the wild within a city,  It is the only park in the world that is located within a city The Bomas of Kenya: engages one on the various Kenya cultures and dances, the giraffe centre: get to feed a giraffe at close range, Karen Blixen museum that was named after the out of Africa heroine, The National Museums of Kenya: – experience the lovely history and artifacts from Kenya.  The David Sheldrick Animal orphanage, located at the edge of the Nairobi national park where one can enjoy the site of rehabilitated baby elephants.

The Hotel sector offers an array of choices especially for the backpackers.  There is a variety of hotels that are located within the city centre, and a few minutes’ drive out of the city center and close to necessary amenities.

Round trip Kenya to Central KenyaRound Trip Kenya to Central Region

The region is located north of Nairobi city.  It is home to five counties (districts) that include: Kiambu, Thika, Muranga, Nyeri, and Kirinyaga.  This is an agricultural region characterized by small scale farming of horticulture and cash crops that include tea and coffee.  It is also home to the Mt. Kenya.

While in Central Kenya the place that are a must visit include the following: – Mount Kenya National Reserve, ideal for mountain climbing.  It is also home to an array of wildlife that includes buffalos, lions, and antelopes and on a good day one may see a rare leopard.

Closer to Nairobi is Thika Town where you will find the Chania falls located within Chania River.  The Central Kenya region is also home to the Aberdares ranges. The Aberdare National Park is famous to the Karuru fall, a spectacular sight.  Here one gets to enjoy the wildlife that entails Elephants, The Black Rhino, Buffalos, Water and Bush bucks and Hyena.  Ensure that you get to visit the Kimathi post office that was used by the Mau Mau during the colonial era.

Away from the Aberdares onto the settlers’ town as is referred to by the locals you find Nanyuki Town that is divided into two by the equator.  In addition visit the Lake Rutundu.  This is a privately stocked with trout’s making it fishing one of the adventurous activities, walking and horse riding completes the list.  Drive past Nanyuki Town and into the Meru National park that is renounced for its great wildlife and was home to George and Joy Adamson as well as the lioness Elsa.  The park offers a beautiful view of Mt. Kenya, The Tana River and the Adamson falls.

Round trip Kenya to Nyanza Region

This is well known as the lake city of Kenya.  Nyanza region’s head quarter is Kisumu City that is home to the Luo community.  Kisumu is host to Lake Victoria that is the source of river Nile and many other small islands like Mfangano, Takawiri, Namolo and Mbaso that have several fishing camps and a variety of birds’ species.  In addition there is the Rusinga Island that holds the Tom Mboya Mausoleum.  Tom Mboya was a Kenyan Nationalist who was assassinated in 1967 in Nairobi.  Other areas one may also visit the Jaramongi Museum located in Bondo and end you trip in Kisii town an agricultural town and is home to the Kisii soapstone.

Away from the places to visit, Nyanza offers a variety of accommodation places that range from the high class to the budget hotels, guest houses, hostels that offer competitive rates.


Round trip Kenya to Eastern and North Eastern Region

This region covers Maralal, Marsabit, Embu, Machakos, Kitui and Makindu.  This region is ideal for unconventional safaris.  To get to Marsabit drive from Nairobi via Isiolo the Northern town, ensure you have refueled as Isiolo is your last point where you will find a bank, petrol Station.

The town of Maralal is where you will see the Camel Derby held annually in August.  The Eastern and North Eastern region is host to a variety of communities that include: the Samburu in Maralal that are very much related to the Maasai, Rendille, Borana and Gabra in Marsabit, Kamba in Machakos, Kitui and Makindu.  Accommodation within the region is affordable.

There are a variety of good hotels and camping sites along the circuit.  Where on this circuit remember to buy some souvenirs especially within Machakos and Kitui of carvings and baskets made by the Kamba community.

Round trip Kenya to Western region

The Western Region is accessible by road from all over the country.  In particular the western region is more defined by Kakamega town that is host to the Abaluyia community.  Western is also the sugar belt of Kenya and as one tour through the region one is bound to notice farms of sugar canes.  Round Trip Kenya -Kakamega Forest

Activities within the region include bull fights, traditional music; attend circumcision ceremonies, a visit to the Kakamega forest reserve, Mt. Elgon National Park, The spectacular Cheregani hills that are on the Northeast of Eldoret town.  This region also has the Saiwa Swamp National Park is has the rare Aquatic Antelope known as the Sitatunga.

Round trip Kenya to Rift Valley

The rift valley is the one of the most visited regions in Kenya.  Host to the 2011 World Heritage sites that include Lake Nakuru famous for its pink flamingoes, Lake Bogoria with its Hot springs and Lake Elementaita.  The region has got Hells Gate National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, for camping and hiking lovers, and then Mt. Longonot needs to be part of your itinerary during this visit.

Round Trip Keny -Lake Nakuru

Lake Naivasha. Lake Turkana at the North, Lake Baringo where you will see hippos, crocodile, fishing if you like and go a boat ride as well blend with the locals.  There are a lot of camping sites and lodges along the several lakes within the region hence accommodation is in plenty for all types of budgets.  The ultimate safari within the region is the 7th world wonder – The Maasai Mara well known for the Wild beest migration that takes place in July, August every year.

Round Trip Kenya to Coast region

The Coastal region is the most visited region by international and local tourist due to its lovely white sandy beaches.  The region comprises of five different areas that include: the Mombasa Island, North Coast that include world luxurious hotels, the haller park, South coast that is linked to Mombasa Island through the Likoni Ferry.  While at South coast get to visit the Shimba National reserve, Mwaluganje Elephant sanctuary that was once a farm, Gede Museums, Malindi, Arabuko Sokoke Forest that is located besides Watamua and Malindi parks which is about 120km from Mombasa Island.round trip kenya -Mombasa

Additionally a visit to the Shimoni Caves located in Shimoni plus a  boat ride to the Wasini Island, scuba diving and fishing is just but a few of the activities within the coast region.  Add the Tsavo East and West National parks home to the African elephant, bird life Lake Jipe and Chala to the your schedule and if possible include the small islands that include Lamu, Manda, Pate and Kiwayu and experience the Swahili culture that is dominant within the island.  The small islands are particular adored with ancient building and items that have been well reserved, it is also important to note that the islands are Muslim oriented hence in some regions female visitors may have to cover their hair, using a hijab, (head scarf) always enquire from your tour guide to advice you appropriately.

If you are looking at having some time out a round trip Kenya is most ideal just pick a region and plan to travel!

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