Choosing that Travel Agent in Kenya
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Choosing that Travel Agent in Kenya


Planning for a Kenya tour need not be a nightmare.  Choosing a travel agent in Kenya could the blessing you’ve been waiting for to make your trip a memorable one.  In this article we highlight several factors that you will need to consider while choosing that travel agent.

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1. Travel agent in Kenya -Past experience

In Kenya there are a huge number of travel agents and tour operators.  It is therefore important to find out their past experiences.  This will enable one know if to use the agent or not.  It would also be of paramount importance especially when the people traveling have special need.  An experienced travel agent will definitely offer solemn advice that may be useful for the travelers.

2. Testimonials-Is the Agency highly recommended? 

Ask the travel agent to provide a list of people you would call or email to authentic information offered. Other peoples’ experiences with a travel agent would offer insight as to what type of an individual and organization one would be dealing with while in Kenya.  Ensure that you contact past travelers who are familiar with Kenya Safaris.  Check out the agents feed back on the internet and social media from past clients.


3. Contacting your Travel Agent in Kenya

How often one is able to contact a travel agent show what type of a travel agent one is dealing with.  The agent should be in a position to advice on the working hours and an emergency number for those emergencies that may occur during your safari or prior to your holiday trip.   It is also advisable to consider how reliable the agent is, how quickly inquiries are attended to, messages returned on phone, social media and even via email.

4. Travel agent in Kenya Fees

Find out what your trip will cost you. How much fee to pay the agent.  It is also advisable to find out what fees to pay directly to the agent and what the fee caters for.  Some agents will only include transport and accommodation while park fees and return air ticket are catered for per individual.  Ensure all details are clear before you engage your agent.  My advice : ask as many questions as possible even what may sound silly…… just ask….. you never know how that will sort your planning or your safari. 

5.  Packages by the Agent

The travel agent should be in a position to highlight package cost for your safari.  These include suitable rates for hotels, lodges and in some case airline.  Every coin saved will go a long way in ensuring that you pay for a lovely holiday that suits your budget.

6.  What are the terms and Conditions?

As you finally reach a decision to use a particular travel agent in Kenya, ensure that you have got confirmation on the terms and conditions of the services offered, what is the cancellation policy?  Professional travel agents will always include a cancellation policy.  In its absence make sure that you have asked for one prior to making any payments.
7.  Make use of the Internet and Social Media

As a general factor, always check out the agent’s website if they have one.  You may also inquire through the Tourism authorities within the country who will confirm or offer a list of travel agents that one can use while traveling to Kenya.  In Kenya one can engage the Kenya Tourism Board.

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Finally plan to enjoy your trip to Kenya.  Choosing the ideal travel agent will definitely make your travel easier and memorable for you and your loved ones.

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