2011 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kenya

2011 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kenya


June 2011, the World Heritage site saw and addition 25 sites  to the Unesco world heritage sites list. Of the 25, Kenya was proud to have several sites within its tourism circuit awarded the World UNESCO Heritage sites. This included the Fort Jesus, The Great Rift Valley lake systems that includes Lake Bogoria, Lake Nakuru and Lake Elementaita all located on the floor of Kenya’s Rift valley. Kenyatalii sort to find out what is unique about the sites for visitors coming to Kenya and within Kenya.

Background about the UNESCO World Heritage Sites

According to Wikipedia, definition, The World Heritage sites represent the world natural and cultural sites. Each site has got outstanding universal value for the community. In Africa there are there are 121 world heritage sites located in 39 countries. We highlight the 2011 world heritage sites of Kenya that include:-

Fort Jesus –UNESCO World Heritage site

Located in the Island of Mombasa, the Fort Jesus is the islands premier lure. Built by the Portuguese in 1593, a site is old that’s well maintained by the Government of Kenya. According to history, Fort Jesus was designed by an Italian architect named Jao Batisto and Omani Arabs. The site was once used by the Kenya government as a prison after the independence in 1964.

Fort Jesus-Unesco World Heritage Site


Fort Jesus-Unesco World Heritage site A visit to the site brings ones close to the coastal culture that dominate the island of Mombasa. Presently the site is a museum that exhibits the coastal culture and lifestyle. The tourism sector in Kenya, believes that the declaration of the site will defiantly be a must visit for local and international tourist to Kenya. Undoubtedly, the Fort Jesus has been a must visit for tourist visiting Mombasa. As a result the museum of Kenya who manages the site has to ensure that the service and site is world class.

The lake system of the Great Rift Valley.

The great rift valley of Kenya lake system consists of three lakes namely, Lake Elementaita, Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria. A short brief of the lakes entails:-

Lake Bogoria –UNESCO World Heritage Site

The lake is located at the floor of Kenya’s rift valley and is home to hot springs. Visitors here get an opportunity to boil eggs or even maize using the hot spring waters. The lake is has also got beautiful flamingoes that adore theHot springs of lake-bogoria world heritage site lake especially at the shores. There is campsite along the lake that is very ideal for camping lovers especially backpackers safaris. The lake is also an attractive destination for tourist visiting the Rift Valley.

Unesco World Heritage site – Lake Nakuru

Famous for its pinks flamingoes. The lake located in rift valley has been a major attraction within the rift valley circuit. Almost all visitors touring the great rift valley of Kenya have visited the lake. Flamingos at Lake Nakuru A World heritage siteThe lake is home of the fuchsia pink flamingoes, pelicans that feed on fish and is protected by the Lake Nakuru national park that is abuzz with wildlife that include Zebras, waterbuck, antelopes the black rhino and the lion. Guest also gets to view the lake at an aerial position up the park at the baboon cliff.

Lake Elementaita – Unesco World Heritage site

Located along the Naivasha Nakuru Highway, Lake Elementaita is a soda lake near Gilgil town and toward Nakuru near the town of Kikopey that is well known to local traveler as an ideal stop over for nyama choma (a Kenyan delicacy of roasted meat). Lake Elementatita got its name from the Maasai community word Muteita that means ‘dust place’. The lake has a wide variety of bird life and an array of campsite for nature lovers.

In conclusion, the lisiting of the sites just goes to emphasis on how Kenya has got spectcular locations to visit.  We at Kenyatalii congratulate the Unesco World Heritage Sites secretariat

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