Backpacker Camping at the Fisherman’s Camp Naivasha

Backpacker Camping at the Fisherman’s Camp Naivasha


Another end of the week.  I was looking forward to a backpacker camping weekend at the town of Naivasha.  Away from busy Nairobi after about an hour’s drive from the city is Naivasha town.  The town is famous for its flower farms, the famous Lake Naivasha and an array of camping sites.

Backpacker camping trip-getting to Naivasha

On this particular Friday, we were headed down to the rift valley for a weekend away from the city.   We packed up our backpacks ready for a backpacking trip that would last us three days and two nights.  The excitement was all in the air.  We drive off late afternoon through the city and join Waiyaki Way just before Nairobi’s jam builds up and are ushered into the rift valley view from the view point.  The air is breath taking and the site is one to behold for a long time to come.  We meander through the road that leads us to Mai Mahiu road and drive into Naivasha town.

Backpacker camping at the fisherman campOur first top over is the famous La belle Inn, this restaurant has been here for the longest and has still been able to attract a lot of travelers and backpackers on transit to the rift valley and those visiting Naivasha for the first time.  My colleagues shop around the town for a few amenities need at the camp, in a topical Kenyan style that entails meat and a few cans and bottles of beer.  For non alcoholics, they were willing to purchase a few bottles of non alcoholic wine hence making sure that everyone on the team was comfortable.  We drive off to south lake road and after about twenty minutes we are at The Fisherman’s camp at the shores of Lake Naivasha.

Backpacker camping setting up camp

The camp is has well manicured grounds that offered us an opportunity to set up camp.  Having finalized with the manager and paid our fees, we build up our tents and before long our little new homes are ready.  Cooking is by firewood and hence we have no other choice but to ensure that our nyama choma is well roasted.  The fun around the fire is super.  Having enjoyed each other stories and jokes for the evening we retire to our tents slightly past midnight.  We are told that the camp have a few wild animals that hover around especially in the night.

Background about Naivasha Backpacker camping

Naivasha is host to Lake Naivasha one of Kenya fresh water Lake.  The town is located along the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway and takes one hour’s drive from the city.  Fishermans camp is one of many camps within the town of Naivasha.

Activities while visiting the town entail a visit to the Hell’s Gate National Park, a hike at Mount Longonot, Boat rides at the Lake Naivasha, nightlife within the town.  For a weekend away out of the city we recommend a backpacker camping trip to the Naivasha at the fisherman’s camp.



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