Packing for a Backpacking Trip
A backpack used during backpacking trips

Packing for a Backpacking Trip


If you are an avid backpack traveler like I am, then you are bound to look out for what you need to pack for that backpacking trip across Kenya.  This article highlights several tips what to load and not to load onto that backpack for your backpacking trip.

Pack light for that backpacking trip:

Planning to take a long trip through Kenya means that one need to consider how much load to carry.  A lot of travel will entail traveling by public transport, which is the matatu (vans), bus or train coupled with walking to ones destination.  Backpack bag used for a backpacking tripIn view of this, it is advisable to pack lightly; after all you are the one who will be carrying the packed backpack!

Avoid carrying too many clothes for your backpacking trip.

It is easier to buy the necessary items especially clothes other than carrying them.  It is advisable that one carries more monies other than clothes.  Kenya’s weather is quite friendly depending on your time of travel.  Hence it is easier to get your clothes laundered and dry before end of day apart from the cold season of June to August and rainy of mid March to April season.  Even on a budget one can purchase themselves second hand clothes that can be easily gotten from several open air markets within the country.

Leave space for Gifts during your backpacking trip

Having packed fewer clothes, you are left with a few pockets that would be tempting to fill with clothes.  Along most Kenyan destination traveler have a variety of souvenirs’ to choose from.  Make sure your backpack have got some space for those memorable souvenirs’ from Kenya.  This will entail carvings, woven items, bead works, painting and much more. Creating enough space for your gifts will ensure that you do not have any extra luggage apart from your backpack.

Carry Multi-purpose backpacking trip items:

There are a lot of packing tips across the web, however it is advisable to take up only what you feel work for you.  Kenyatalii team can attest to the following items as suitable items to carry as they are of multipurpose use as one travels.  They include:  A sewing kit, a knife – a leather man kit is most suitable, plastic bags of all sizes that one can use to carry any wet clothes and shoes, a flash light as some part of Kenya have no electricity.  Besides in the event of a black out a spotlight comes in handy.  And finally a small pad for notes, that one can use for reminders during your backpacking trip and especially when using public transport and finally pack a deck of playing cards for that time around the fire in the wilderness as you enjoy your backpacking trip.

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