Backpacker Safari to Kenya

Backpacker Safari to Kenya


Tsavo West National Park is an ideal location for a backpacker safari to Kenya for a weekend or while on transit to Mombasa.  On this particular trip, as we approached Tsavo, the sunset was slowing beckoning. safari to Kenya-Pride of lionsWe turn to a marram road and suddenly our driver stops.  Right in front of us is a pride of lions, the notice that the lioness has four cubs each of different ages.  We quickly grab our cameras and click away for the best photos that we could get.  The cubs were having a great time as they played around the vehicle.  After about 15 minutes they finally exist in to the nearby bush.  We proceed to our destination at the Ngulia Safari Camp.

Safari to Kenya at the Ngulia Safari Camp

Safari in Kenya at Ngulia Safari Camp

The camp offers us a variety of options from self catering to dining at the camps dining area.  We opt for a self catering.  As we check in we are on time for a sundowner on the terra of the main building before nightfall.

This offer a great view of the Rhino Valley and across to Ndau the rough mountain at the opposite.  There are waterholes immediately below the lodge which attracts elephants as well as an array of smaller mammals and birdlife.  We are informed and during the dry season, the birdlife is really spectacular.

Tsavo west Attractions while on a Safari to Kenya

Located 40kms from Mtito Andei Gate and 50 kms form the Tsavo River Gate.  The camp is easily accessible from Mombasa and Nairobi.  As we got accustomed to our new aboard, one cannot hesitate to enjoy the feeling of the wild and countryside.  The accommodation is quite affordable making it an ideal location for backpackers on a budget.  We set up the fireplace and prepare our evening meal.  In the morning, we hurriedly pack our breakfast of tea and sandwiches and drive off for our morning drive.

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Attractions -Tsavo West Safari in Kenya

The hills surrounding the park looked green due to the recent rains- Chylu hills and Kilimajaro is clear in the morning. There are a variety of attractions in Tsavo West that include the Rhino sanctuary Chimu crater, shetani lava flow and caves.  Mzima springs that is an underwater observation tank, the Roaring Rocks thSafari in Kenya elephants at Chyulu Hillse is a panoramic picnic spot and then the Nguli Rhino Sanctuary which is open daily from 4-6pm.  While on our adventure, we are informed that we could climb Ngulia hills.  We agree that on our next weekend trip, our mission would be to climb the hill.  Bookings should be done in advance and one is expected to get permission from the warden.  You are also expected to pay for a ranger who should accompany on your climb.

As our trip came to an end we prepare a yummy breakfast the following morning and enjoy while we sit at the verandah of our banda.  We could not agree more to that the Tsavo West National park is a great weekend and holiday destination for a Safari to Kenya.

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