Budget Camping Safaris Kenya

Budget Camping Safaris Kenya


Kenya offers backpackers and all other travelers a variety of budget camping safaris.  One such destination is Hell Gate National Park located in Naivasha.  Just about 100 kilometers from Nairobi along the Naivasha-Nakuru highway, is the Hell’s Gate.  An ideal weekend getaway for a majority of Nairobi and its environs residence.  The park is one of only two where one can walk unaccompanied.  The activities within the park include mountain biking, rock climbing, picnics, sun-downer spots and a few campsites.  Additionally is the exploratory scrabble down the water worn curves of Njorowa Gorge.  We all agreed that the park has it all!

Experiencing a budget camping safaris –Narasha Guest House

A self catering facility located at the western corner of the park is the Narasha Guest

House.  budget camping safaris The facility is a three bed roomed bungalow, a simple and comfortable sitting room, a fully equipped kitchen.  As a backpacker this is an idle place to stay and experience the wild at Hell’s gate.  The weather is mainly warm and dry most part of the year.


The activities –Budget camping safaris

As for what to do while at Hell’s Gate, the park offers a range of family friendly activities.  Mountain bikes can be hired at the Elsa gate at an affordable price of about Kshs. 500/- per day.  One can also hire the bikes for half a day.  From here, the ride from the gate to the rangers post.  At the rangers post there is a picnic tables.  There are guides to lead the way down the Njorowa Gorge.  Huge rock walls tower, water swirls, and hot water springs bubble from green slimed rocks walls.  The entire trip down the Gorge and up the rocky scree to the show stoppers of the lockout takes around an hour depending on your agility and ability to squeeze down chasms and hop across the rocks in the wake of your community guide.

Budget camping safaris at Olkaria Hill

Further into the park is the Olkaria campsite.  There is no sign post.  The camp cannot be easily noticed due to the trees that covet the site.  The site has a great picnic bands with fireplace, benches and tables plus neighboring latrines.

Finally we leave the hell’s gate national park having been reassured that it a ideal location for a budget camping Safaris in Kenya.  For more updates sign up in our newsletter and be part of our existing experiences on our various budget camping safaris in Kenya.


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